L5R : Jade Winds

A Dance of Dragons

The Dragons gather their wits and forces


Each Dragon Clan’s daimyo met at Shiro Tamori to discuss in emergency session, the recent and sudden incursion of gaijin from beyond the North wall. The Towers of Flame are still there, but no warning was given by them. Furthest Fortress is silent and the Mitanaka family has allied with the gaijin and have provided valuable intelligence to the invaders.

The High House of Light has even been taken by storm, perhaps plundered of a thousand years of irreplaceable treasures. The Damiyo of the Hitomi is missing, presumed dead. His heir is is closely questioned, and after General Mirumoto Kei arrays the armies of the Dragon to slow and contain the gaijin, the Togashi Champion declares a commando strike right into the heart of North Wall City, capital of the Mitanaka, using what is left of the Hitomi.

The Hoshi, Tanori, Kitsuke all pledge their support to the fight and surprisingly, the Lion send word that they will protect the southern border while the Clan Dragonfly sends all of their bushi to fight the gaijin at Hoshi Pass. The Lion say that it is more honorable for the Dragonfly to fight gaijin than it is for them to guard against “incursions” from rokugani.



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