L5R : Jade Winds

A Journey to Shuho (Part 2)

Everyone hauls ass up into the hills, there to find a nice vantage point and watch the town of Shuho as the sun sets. Lights start coming on and planning happens, which means much time passes realtime. Plan stops, people set off to Do Stuff!

The Scorpion cleverly gets all the money the Crab has by using the simple ruse of asking for it, never mentioning the 30 gold koku he found in the Town Magistrates house lintel. WTH did the TM get 30 goddamned gold koku?

A hare fails to bolt into a small burrow, investigation reveals a Dragon banner of an entirely different banner than the wrecked Golden Eye army that lay in heaps in the vale below. It was hastily rolled up and hidden there. Hmmm.

The Crab and the Scorpion head to town.

Meanwhile the company of Dragon, Dragon and Dragon Gmbh. start skulking back around the town in a northish arc. They see at least two different patrols comprised of Blue Sky ashigaru in the dark, they aren’t noticed. DD&D come upon the perimeter of a cloth walled compound with Mitanaka Banners and Badger Clan banners. They DON’T go in head a little further north to a lake. Lake?

There are barges there bringing in bales, boxes barrels and bushi. A beach head. It is still dark in their time track but dawn, detection and detention are not far off.



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