L5R : Jade Winds

A Journey to Shuho (Part 5)

  • Kitsuki stays on the mountain all night, afraid to light a fire
  • During the night there is a magical burst of energy and he sees the castle on the lake become “finished” — the walls turn from reeds to stone
  • In the morning mist he sees the shadowy outlines of a path to a temple in the air
  • Tamori leaves town with forged papers to find Kitsuki, an Ashigaru insists on being her escort, even though she wears a daisho
  • Although she gets lost, she eventually finds the Kitsuki, places a sleep spell on the Ashigaru and when the escort wakes up the Kitsuki joins them
  • Meanwhile, in town, the Mirumoto, the Shosuro, and the Hida visit Kio Kato of the Yasuki family. The Hida requisitions five fingers of jade, and asks the Yasuki to take a look at the Kaiu blade the Mirumoto found on the battlefield.
  • The Tamori and the Yasuki return to Shuho together, WITH the Shosuro’s cart, the Kitsuki talking all the way so that the poor Ashigaru cannot get in a word edgewise
  • On the way back to town they come upon miners carrying a large chunk of jade
  • Miners tell them about jade mining on the mountain, and give the Tamori a piece of the jade



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