L5R : Jade Winds

Burning Bushes to Banish

The Phoenix the group seeks and the Troll-like creature that took children from the forests of the northern mountains of that same land, are now literally the same. Some twist of blood magic has fused the former Shugenja, now Mahoist, with an Oni in the form of a burning tree. We lay plans to fight it on the stairs up to this fortress as we can see it from a great distance, swiftly approaching. Oh, the Fortunes laugh at us.

The Gaijin are in the lake bottom and 5 Yobanjin hawk riders circle overhead. We spend the first minute watching the Gaijin engage the Oni. One of them disappears from sight. The Gaijin engage the monster, one appears to be a rock goblin and another a tall human. The invisible one appears behind the Oni, stabbing it, before being swatted down. The rock goblin lays in a telling blow with an axe between the demon’s legs. The Oni throws burning chunks of itself and lays about with enormously long branch-like arms.

The Tamori casts Ward of Thunder on the Hida, as we continue to prepare. But, the Gaijin are holding out and we consider our position. I heal myself against the influence of fire with a water kiho, defeating long odds. The invisible-seeming Gaijin is now visible again as it is on fire after a wave of fire sweeps from the devil tree.

The Miromoto enters the fray with a shot almost worthy of a poor Tsuruchi – 40pts with an arrow from 300 feet. The Crab advances down the stair to face this abomination and the flaming Gaijin retreats up the stairs. As they pass on the stairs the benevolent ward of the Tamori suppresses the burning on the Gaijin, the Hida is healed in return by some magic of the Gaijin. The humble monk and Dragon samurai head down the stairs in support.

The Gaijin continue their assault when from the distant Tamori comes a flash of fire like the heart of an inferno, 36pts to the Oni. The Scorpion sends an arrow into the Oni for 20pts more. Bark explodes out from the demon once more and the Hida is hurt and this monk caught fire. Hida swings and does 21pts to the Oni and it falls down. The Mirumoto takes a mighty swing at the fallen opponnent for 45pts, snapping his sword in half. The axe-wielding rock goblin joins the attack cutting the Oni in half, its blood spills onto the empty lake bed.

We introduce ourselves to these Gaijin as best we can, enjoying a moment of rest at this moment on the wheel. The hawk riders are no longer visible in the sky.

One experience point, one bennie point for the Mirumoto rolling his ass off.



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Burning Bushes to Banish

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