L5R : Jade Winds

Chutes and Laters


The sky seems to be open just above us in this place. The clouds are inharmonious, they are not right. There is no sleep in this place. Place of I don’t know what. Trolls, they are behind everything, under everything.

We moved up the stairs, Mirumoto Yonaka, he was badly hurt, but my Lord stood his ground, he stood me so I put an arrow in the last one. One last one, one less one…

The Monk was still on fire; he kindly stayed a careful distance to not burn us, more than we have been here. Tamori-sama seems to enjoy it here. She has or is or was…
A focus here, focus, fire focus. The Trolls are fire focus. We wait, we focus, and make sure there are no trolls or their family. No they can’t have family they are beast.

I checked to make sure everyone was able to continue on, for how long, until this Phoenix is found. Yonaka gave his word to find him. We will do just that. He said. Not a place for a question, duty dictates. All seem mostly unscathed but My Lord’s armor is ruined, and he wishes the Monk to help his chi… I will guard. Against the lake. Guard! Hida guards. Ashigaru give My lord armor. Go, we must go.

The stairs were not right. Long up to top and shear drops off the sides, all the way back to that lake, dark lark. I saw the line. It was so obvious, beast cannot make beauty. We walk, we don’t see, I saw too late. Mirumoto and Franku tumble down, the stairs roll. Tamori-sama and I dance..we dance to the side. She plays with fire.

Ernestu steps aside as Nakamuro smashes the stairs…hammer solution. He grabbed Yonaka, “Careful the Stairs are slippery,” Hida said. They game, they joke, they jokey. Franku makes a fine chain, the human chain does not continue to fall.

Tamori-sama heard the sound of a child crying, echoing somewhere, and with a well studied maneuver, told no one.

I focus, I cannot fail, cannot fall, my ankle hurts. We slowly make our way to the wall, I will not let them fall again. We will find this one… promise.

I stopped at the arch, the monk goes in, a statue. A beast, a crab with legs. The monk wishes to climb statue. Hida says NO, but no reason, he has a moment. Just a moment.

Water is in the courtyard, a few inches. A dark hole in center seems to be the spring source of the Water. Water drains out through the wall and that is the source of the waterfall. The lake filled from here? All here, water trolls; water hides trolls, water water water. Over 1000 years have worn this? Is it true this is before the Kami? My Kami, before Rokugan, My Rokugan.

A three-tiered building is on the other side of courtyard. Monk climbs to the lowest tier. Naka Hida sama helps Yuriko Tamori sama up wall. Hida makes me go next, Lady go Lady go Lady go. I try to get My lord to go but Hida…I relent. But my lord is next then Ahsigaru because all are need to draw Hida up.

Roof is ribbed. All eyes turn to me. No one actually comments, they are all so honorable…

But a door is here leading into the second tier. It is massive, but swings clean and easy. A marvel, a miracle…into a gallery around the outside of the whole second building. looking down to a water covered floor. There is another hideous statue, Hida unmoved. Is this the Shadowlands? Is this a worse place? Can that be? Fluted head, maybe the Sandsalt wolves says Yonaka, He says something anthromaporphrasizinding… Dragon word?

In the water, there are large stones worn at the bottom because water rushing by the base. How long…too long. Green light fills the whole space, sleepy sleepy. Creamy jade shifts with the sun. Then we move to next door on other side of the gallery.

Hida opens the door not as easy this time. But then…Something was not right. He talked…wrong. Well he talked, and it was not to tease Mirumoto-Sama, so that is wrong. But he spoke of Shiro Kaiu. Of her. He walked off; he was in a dream. Oh not that dream…please…not that dream…he was better…he has not screamed in… He speaks a Crane name, it is her… bitch. We try to stop him. I cannot stop him, my feet slide as I push from the front. I plead, Yonaka tries to stop from behind, to drag him back… even Franku and Ernestu… we cannot stop him…

Then he collapses, we pull him back. He walked toward a door that had a statue an insect with mans legs…Lady Moon! Make this stop. But Hida, he cannot, he does not reply, I take his helmet off. He is breathing, he is still warm. UGH! But he wakes up finally, and of course, he will not look at me. Oh well he is alive, tossed his helmet back to him, he can hide in there.

We find a door. Tamori seems only one to understand. A five sided doorway arch and rose colored bars, at odd angles. A gold-flecked center area appears to have had a fire placed in it. A spot of sunlight, a tiny ray of light moves up toward the center. We wait. The side of the large door has a message chalked on the wall

“To get inside but can I resist.”


After waiting and the ray of sun struck the center, nothing happened, Am sleepy. Tamori muttering to herself. Apparently she asked Fire Kami if the wanted anything. They seemed to want a water pusher gone. Sleepy water.

We decide to go down stairs to the first floor, A door from the side can be opened with one Big Jerk…Hida opens the door. I decide not to laugh.

Out in the courtyard a large discussion about what to stop the water. I walked over and peered near but did not touch. Ernestu stuck his yari into the hole. His body!! He contorted backwards so fast I thought his spine would break. Oh poor Ernestu. Wait, did I…he was.

It did look painful. His Yari was half gone.

Tamori Yuriko spoke to the water kami. She asked about the trolls and water. She said the image was a large wok with a large drop of water racing around as it evaporated. The Tamori also asked if the Trolls were friends. The water kami replied with an image of a quench trough, with a hot chunk of steel, twisting deforming as it falls to the bottom.

Sleep, I think Yonaka has an idea, slink, I can’t straight think. Goodnight mom will see you soon. Later… Tomorrow. Maybe he is found, tomorrow maybe .

One experience point.



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