L5R : Jade Winds

Cutting Woodcutters

Top Ten (feel free to add more)

0) Toshi and the children are sent away to Cold Mountain Temple by Yonaka
1) Meeting at Red Shrine w/ Hitomi Daimyo and his retinue (wearing headbands)
2) Scout leads Stone Dogs to interlopers in Forbidden Grove
3) Stealth ambush vs. sentries, Masamune kills Forest Killer scout in tree, Mirumoto spears other sentry, Horiuchi chases third scout down and beheads her.
4) Old growth White Oak grove being cut down, attack! Horiuch sent to kill Tori sentries
5) Nine forest Killers, nine woodcutters, six guard dogs slain (2 ashigaru, one monk wounded)
6) One Forest Killer escapes into a shuttered cave mouth
7) The old fortified house with no windows or doors found
8) Hitomi scout Akai brings crystal lantern, to hunt into the cave
9) Hitomi Daimyo to enter blank house, then to Hitomi Castle, PCs to go by cave
10) Cave of the Blue Men to be entered next run



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