L5R : Jade Winds


An extract from the log file of Tamori Yuriko, revenant, second class.

My cousin wastes time exchanging information on our old foe, the Rakshasha, with a gaijin named Tirian. Come to obvious conclusion that the rules of magic are different in Rokugan. Mortals!

He invites them into the control room, and politely asks my permission. Grant it, of course. There, can kill them much more easily if they interfere.

Toro expends yet more time changing his name to Koro Visuta. Mortals are ephemeral, and yet they are so profligate of their duration. Life is wasted on the living.

Take the opportunity to say farewell to the Hida while he assists me in reaching the starboard propulsion unit. Calculate that a semblance of sentiment will ease his distress and improve his efficiency.

Note to self: mortals are flammable. This could be very useful, now that silly inhibitions have been removed. Starboard couplings are clogged, but clear them without damaging more than a few unimportant buildings. Had been worried. Waste more time while returning to control room in recovering Hida’s minion.

Return to control room. Discover that oracle of fire is either an ambassador or governor (barbarians cannot speak simply and to the point) in the court of some trivial warlord. Floating city is more of a concern: technology seems similar to this one. Hopefully was built by opposition, in which case target won’t be able to use effectively.

The mortals seem worried about consequences of my trajectory. Cute, but irritating, really. Mirumoto does have one point: it would be better to complete my Lord’s business without causing him yet more trouble with the water dragon. Perhaps subtle will be possible in limited time remaining: worth brief exploration.

One experience point



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