L5R : Jade Winds


Using pregen characters and pregen adventure “Writ of Justice” plus some stuff kugelblitz made up, originally posted on LJ

Geisha 0010ps

Mirumoto Yonaka and Hida Nakamuro escort a Geisha girl (Falling Blossom; #4 Geisha at the Gentle Blossom House) to Lord X’s residence to “return a fan”. Dragon spies a yakuza lookout on the way in. Insists the drunk in the alley in this nice section of town is out of place and will need killin’. The Crab reminds the Dragon that we can’t just go around killing random strangers.

Once inside the Dragon tosses Kakure’s room and finds betting slips from the Drunken Phoenix (Their tote slips match the ransom paper!) hidden in the back of a drawer.

Crab bushi lurks in the corner and intimidates servants. Asuki (servant) admits that she and Heir Kukure “were in love” and that Kukure had bet the house and lost many, many Koku at the Drunken Phoenix. Another nosy servant (Iko) says that the two candy sellers that show up during the day are rude, mean and undersupplied. Also, their candy is awful.

Dragon, Crab and Geisha go outside and stand around, watching. Ah, there are some lookouts (Dragon rolled a 39 on observation). Roof AND alley. Hoh!

Crab bushi strings his yumi while Falling Blossom watches him wide eyed. Aims at other rooftop spy in the gloom. weh! (Geisha asked if they’re bad men. They assure her they are.) Yakuza doesn’t move, so Crab takes another shot after grumbling about “missing that bat”, and as the roof lump falls the Dragon runs around the corner, quickdraws and slashes at one yakuza spy (minor damage) who is feigning a drunken sake stupor in the alley; the spy lurches to his feet and flails wildly (hitting only armor) with a knife, in round two the bushi nails the living fark out of the yakuza and essentially cuts him in half. Did I say essentially? No, he LITERALLY cuts him in two and there is a huge Ran type blood spray on the compound wall of someone’s house. Eww. There isn’t even time for douchebag to scream.

Daimyo tachi samurai sword 39

The Dragon then carefully wipes the scum off his 32" expertly crafted wave-patterned katana with jade & gold kokuza, glares down a partly dressed servant who just ran around the corner with a spear and then calmly walks away.

Crab waits patiently as the Dragon returns so the Crab can finish off his bat.


Spy rolls a one and totally doesn’t see any of this, maybe he was watching the other bushi? Crab calmly notches a second arrow and then maims the spy who gurgles, flails a bit and then falls into courtyard of the house he was spying from the rooftop of. Crab waits quietly for the Dragon to finish off the ground based spy. After the Dragon comes back he then walks around to the gate of the house and takes a swing at the wounded spy (Still alive) who (Great Flaming Rice Balls a CRAB!) then immediately surrenders.

Later, Dragon and Crab take the injured bat to the stables behind the geisha house and proceed to play bad cop/bigger badder cop for a while before keeping their promise that they won’t hurt him anymore. (To be specific, Dragon told him to look straight ahead while the Crab played kick-the-daisy with his wakizashi.)

Yakuza 0, PCs 2.


Moreover, the Drunken Phoenix has been penetrated by the Dohi/Mirumoto Takehito/Kakita Hiro triplet and investigated. The Crane may have won some money, shocking, I kmow. Their tote slips match the ransom paper! The Drunken Phoenix has guards, the Ronin takes Luscious Melon upstairs for some exercise. The Dragon and Crane leave, informed that a certain Ronin named X gambled alongside Kakure and could be found at the Blue Lantern. Dohi the Ronin comes later.

We will resume in the AM of the day the Lord is supposed to meet with the Yakuza Red Fox kidnapper/blackmailers.



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