L5R : Jade Winds

Interregnum Intro

The group, formed from disparate Clans now scatters to the four directions, seeking answers and responding to the tug of their various Clans. For now, they must attend to more immediate concerns.

Mirumoto Yonaka – Journeys to Last Light Castle, Hoshi Prefecture, there to pick up the reins of both the Stone Dog banner as its new Taisa, and also to take up the responsibilities inherent in the small border outpost and the fragment of lands that surround it plus the sudden arrival of the Child of the Earth. His newly awarded banner is barely a a dozen battle weary samurai and ashigaru. Last Light Castle has been wrecked by the recent gaijin raid, the peasants are in hiding or worse, dead and the recently roused Unicorn are aggressively patrolling the hinterlands at the bottom of the mountain post. Also, he needs to make the correct arrangements to get married to-

Shosuro Kaito – A Scorpion, stranded by a strange assassination event on the west road, killing her companions and her Uncle, Takeda Endo. She must come to grips with becoming a Dragon, successfully breaking her ties with the secretive Scorpion Clan and becoming a worthy addition to her betrothed. She has clues which may lead to the killers of her Uncle. She has only her wits, will they be formidable enough? does she still think of -

Hida Nakamuro – Who has been granted the duty to take a few platoons worth of disgraced Mitanaka samurai on the long journey south, where, if they honorably serve the rest of their lives there, their families will be forgiven for their treachery to the Dragon. Will they all make it? will the Crab’s wife who was disgraced years ago by the Hida’s failure be there to forgive him, or has she moved on perhaps? Fortunately, a witness to his deeds on the Northern Wall is along -

Shinsei Mai, Monk of Osano-Wo – He has some tasks to discharge, the families of the Phoenix need to know what happened to their mysteriously missing children, yes and more he needs to gather his wits and skills and focus his chi for his next meeting with his Master Sensei 雷の手, who will no doubt want to know how the world has shaped him. Of critical import is how his recent brush and subsequent infection by the Shadowland’s taint will affect him. The internecine meanderings of this group have only recently come under the gaze of -

Horiuchi (Gaijin Name) – Recently cut off from the far flung scout perimeter of the Furonto Tai, he is positioned among the uniquely odd Dragon. A wealth of information is around him. How will he use it? are the gaijin defeated entirely? Has everything become known? The Khan will want to know this. Also, who is this Tamori Kurai that the recently minted ashigaru Hikozaemon mentioned briefly? There is an astounding gap in his narrative, is this from embarrassment or something else?

These story threads will be spun out over the next few months as excerpts appearing from offline sessions.



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