L5R : Jade Winds

Kami, Kami, Burning Bright

“The speech of a Dragon is as clear as the intent of a Scorpion”

Ruins in the Day,
Ruins in the Night,
Toro on a rope,
Others in a fright

Statue standing tall,
Jewels upon its chest,
Stone is growing warm,
Toro flees like rest

Kami come to play,
Bowl is burning blue,
Mantis serving tea,
But Hida does refuse

Green eyes in the night,
Orange eyes shine bright,
Mantis looking creepy,
But Takeda says “All Right”

Doll of Black Obsidian,
Left upon the path,
Troll hiding in shadows,
Someone do the math?

Through the doors we go,
Hida burning bright,
Smaller crabs aflame,
Such a pretty sight!

The building now lies empty,
Our time is at an end,
Soon we shall return,
Our GM’s plans to bend

ONE experience point (the last line made me cringe)

Only the last? Must try harder next time.



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