L5R : Jade Winds

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 1)


Kitsuki Kaagi, Emerald Magistrate, met the PCs onr the path there as he toiled up the steep trails making heavy going, Hida Nakamuro personally carried him most of the way, ah youth.

The PCs then became embroiled in a plot which had already recently claimed the life of the Lord there. Kaagi is on the scene to investigate the recent and sudden death of Hitomi Maouri. The fact that the PCs only recently were in the company of a Unicorn Magistrate is mark in their favor, as the Unicorn Magistrates, well the one’s still alive, are of a scrupulous reputation. Once at the castle (where his EM sigil opens some doors) his eta (the quiet Mei) handles the lord’s body in their search for clues. Kaagi is glad to have the PCs along to carry him around and generally get him tea.

Acting Lord Hitomi Hakenka is too grouchy and occupied to talk with any PCs right now (rude) but the Mirumoto shared a dojo with him for a while so he has some claim to an audience (especially as he kicked the living snot out of him a bokken duel at one point, the bully). So later, the Mirumoto barges in.

Meanwhile the bastard son and his mother – the mistress of the former lord are still on the castle grounds (shocking). The very deep and dark garden pond features in some choking nightmares for a few PCs. Mirumoto Nari (hatamoto to the deceased Lord) is quite helpful to the group and can often be found as a go between.



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