L5R : Jade Winds

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 2)


Under the guidance of Kitsuke Kaagi, who is having a relapse of some sort, the PCs search the castle chambers that they can, even the room of the Lord’s courtesan. The poison that killed poor Hitomi Maouri and his mistress Amai as well is traced to obuno oil (in the makeup kit of Amai). Also a blowpipe is found in the room where the Lord was found dead a ways back (his idiot shugenja had prevented his corpse from rotting by casting a food preservation spell).

The PCs spend some time talking with Hitomi Hakenka & Mirumoto Nari, and the frustrated shugenja reverts to some magical powers and finds the Spirits talking of the crystal man who was here recently.

Mirumoto Yonaka wanders down into the basement and finds the quarters of a retired General who invites him to tea. They have a genial chat about bushido and philosophy and the General (ret) gifts a piece of rare crystal to the Mirumoto, who wakes up in bed with it in his hand (the crystal not the bed). Later investigation reveals an absence of that room and a small shrine located there instead…



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