L5R : Jade Winds

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 4)

A plot is thwarted

A poisoning is averted when the paranoid Crab makes a maid drink the morning tea (maybe the spooky nightmares have everyone being a little jumpy); she looks at him and clmly drinks a small cup and then dies horribly (in acute convulsions), horrifying the poor Crab. The kitchen staff and kitchen is then searched to no avail, Hatamoto Nari is discovered to have left the Castle “on an errand” when the PCs try to find him. Hitmoi Hakenka left early in the morning to go hunting.

While the PCs are wandering about they see clan signallers aloft in the tower keep, signalling to a far away portable tower northwards. Some urgent stuff is being communicated, and Mirumoto san is frustrated because he cannot read the flags. WTH is going on?

Kitsuki Kaagi is worsening, he decides to rest some more and use the PCs as extensions of his mind. Damn, he asks alot of questions. If he has a theory he isn’t sharing it though. Kaagi sama wants the PCs to protect the bastard son of the late Lord. Mei seems fiercely loyal to him but he way too old for her. Ew.

Nota bene : At this point my campaign veers away from published scenarios and plunges onward into Stuff Dave Makes UP, i.e. a campaign. A consultation with the players happened in which we analysed the strengths and weaknesses of L5R as viable game for us. The early answer is We Need to get into a More Oriental type of mindset, RP wise. I am told to stick with it, since some of us ambivalent about continuing (no one has become Really Hooked yet).



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