L5R : Jade Winds

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 6)

An Honorable Errand

Upon leaving Last Light castle, on the trail northwards, the PCs find the false Mirumoto Nari, hung by the neck from a tree. The body is clothed in a two piece close fitting black garment with a hood. He has nothing in his pockets, and was recently killed.

The PCs briefly listen to some frightened Dragon border villagers tell them about the slaughter of the Dragon reserves. They listen carefully and THEN COMPLETELY IGNORE THEIR PLEAS*. Instead the Mirumoto wants to go back to LL Castle, which they do. I bite my pillow. Now the Mirumoto wants to do right by his recent duel victim by returning his nice gaijin blade, so they journey downhill to the Unicorn border to return the sword of the Nikutai to any Unicorn they can find.

Shinsei on a hotplate, why do they DO THIS TO ME?? I hate them. This is going to bite them in the as some day.



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