L5R : Jade Winds

Running, Falling, Dying

We attempt to recover our inner balance, put right ourselves. I sew up the damaged body of our honorable Tamori. Recovered we investigate the scene of our combat with the Oni/Maho Shugenja.

Here is found on the body of our foe is a child’s geta. Following the steps of the Oni we walk back to the tower in the center of this floating land, an immense crater to find where the creature had leapt down from a window. Tall is this tower as a spear of heaven. Here also we find the imprint of Gaijin shoes – a 5th? Before us a door gone soft in the water that was once here, examined by the keen eyed Scorpion who removes a simple trap of flaming oils, we enter the tower.

The interior is odd, a hexagon built to trollish dimensions, there is a beating felt upon the air. Stairs lead up and down, we choose the higher path. I lead to barrier over the steps and trigger a symbol of fire (14pts) which injures, blinds and dazes me and warms the Hida. On the next floor up the Scorpion recovers 4 wax sealed jars of naptha. The Tamori replaces and suppress the symbol with its own. The Crab shows to great effect his study of medicine on me (19pts) as I heal those I can. Here is a scene of sorrow – piles of childrens clothes in neat piles, a doll hidden behind a mat next to charred remains once bound in now burned ropes. I take a geta from each pile and the doll. Others recover medicines, cutting tools and a charred wakizashi. A Hiruma scout flesh cutter arrow with jade inlay is found. Did it once lodge in the Oni when sent across a field in the Shadowland? Scrolls of some kind of magic in a cipher are found, from our Maho practitioner.

Up again we go to a room where the Shugenja a\hears voices now in the pulsing upon the air. The Mirumoto feels all is well as we enter a room with a complex interlocking pattern laid into the floor. Five rings of jade and silvery metal surround a depression. They are Green for the Earth, a sign of transport, Purple for the Air, the breath of Life, Red for Fire, power over the earth, Blue for Water, mist that disguises and White for Void, that which draws all others together. Here the damaged Phoenix must have called the Oni across from the Shadowlands, his name written in blood upon the wall. another scroll in cipher text is found. Yes, room has 5 tunnels that lead beyond the towers walls. From the water tunnel we here waves, the others are silent beyond the pulsing. It is made apparent that the Kami are being consumed to power this floating land.

Up again we go to a room of odd windows – an observatory on a moving land? Out of one of these windows we see a person on a flying carpet heading this way.

Up once more we find the tower top, not matching its obelisk shape from below, we can see out through the illusion. The masterful Hida, with eyes like a hawk spots the carpet riding gaijin on the ground setting up their long guns – jezails? – four of them, one with a telescope in hand.

Down we descend to the armory we hope to find in the base of the tower. Passing through the room of the kami we find a frost covered obsidian rose – another gift from our troll sculpter? At the base of the tower we find it is covered to a great depth in the silt that collected here as the water that once covered it.

We decide to explore the tunnels of the Kami room in hopes of finding an alternate way off the island other then the spectacular crashing method or the long screaming step. I humbly volunteer to try the Void way. I find myself transported to a dark, almost airless space, filled with bad air, ash and broken things. I grab some object nearby and retreat on my last breath. I have brought forth a tray of purple laquered wood, beautiful, bearing a chrysanthamum. An ancient Imperial tomb perhaps? Others will run down the others.

One experience point



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