L5R : Jade Winds

Sticky Situation

The Tangled Web We Weave

Recap – Dave waxes poetic. Edward points out that he is trendsetter for not posting on OP.
Dave hoses Brock. Dave leaps to John. Recap continues while Dave blames brain death.

Institute helps Dave with his Recap.

Diane proves she can once in a blue moon she can roll really well. Healing Brock, Spotting Ninja, something else. Strangely no one believes it to be true.

Recap devolves into a discussion about Valerie and slandering Diane about the totally awesome Waffles and possibly may never dig himself out of this one. It may be couch time (but there is always Skyrim). Then Dave sneezes so bad he had to leave the room.

And now onto the game already in progress…

The wax seal breaks on the silk ribbon. It secured the rolled up missive from curious and unwanted attention. The information in the scroll was deemed “Eyes only” and the sulfur smell as the wax crumbled let the agent know he had a short time to digest the information. It read as follows:


Hope family is well, and you are in good health. Baby is getting big enough to walk. Made the cutest geta for him.

Heard funny story, tell me if you heard it before.

Mirumoto Yonaka requests that the tower be secured from the possibility of the Gaijin getting in. The Mirumoto has the idea about nothing gets into Rokugan through the Five linked Kami Portals. He questions the Shosuro, still appearing as a Mantis Ji-Samurai, about whether the gaijin have some connection to or use the shadows to move. After a small amount of contemplation, the Shosuro can only answer ‘I don’t know’ and seems physically pained in saying such.

More exploration of the Kami Portals are decided on, possibly hoping to either reunite with the Un-Tamori, who is still unclothed, up in the control room.

The Monk goes down Earth tunnel secured by Mantis tied knot. Disappearing out of sight, the line goes tight. Then appears as if it was severed. Rapid discussion on the course of action goes about gathering more rope, much more discussion about who WILL and who WILL NOT go down the portal. After 5 minutes, the Monk appears back through the portal still tied to the other end of the severed rope. He babbles incoherently about seeing everyone’s aura, and from his mouth he produces a glowing mushroom. Hida remembers that the lichen looks like something from the Shadowland. Commands Mantis to get rags, then to tie up Monk. Monk is dazed. The men are all surprisingly stunned by the Mantis’ ability to tie up the Monk. The Mantis politely requests that they ALL wipe the dorky smiles off their faces, and start thinking with their brains and not their heads. She sighs heavily.

The Monk requires a large amount of water. It is noted that there is no water available in the tower. Another discussion ensues. It is noted that the voice of the Kitsuki can still be heard talking to someone (upstairs) and why he isn’t here to help. No clear resolution comes which causes the Hida to go with a bucket down the Water Kami portal.

[GM;you forgot the portal which led into nearly airless ruins]
[note to GM: most sincere apologies. I thought that was stated in the Monks psychotropic ramblings, and could I ask that you keep him from trying to drink my inkwell? And he is chewing on the mushrooms again.]

Hida Nakamuro goes down the water portal, and the rope breaks. Hida ends up in saltwater swims back down back into tunnel. Everyone stares at the salt water and sighs. The Hida smells like wet fish, but is remarkably cleaner.

Mirumoto Yonaka checks on the Yobanjin Infiltrators. After the thoughts that they may be setting up a siege of the tower, the lack of water, sick, hallucinating Monk and no word from the UnTamori, Yonaka decides to use the cover of darkness to make for the control room, while killing a few infiltrators.

Discussion again about who should be on this minor foray ends. The stairs are to be trapped with the Naphtha pots. The Mantis’ demeanor changes and she looks over a small note folded as an origami cat. She proceeds to set the pots on the stairs, and smudges the brighter clothes down with lampblack.

It is decided that the Hida will remain behind with Ernestu, to watch the monk, since the Hida is now a qualified medical practitioner [GM: Wait, what?]. Also no one thinks any force could get past a Hida that is intent on blocking stairs.

Shosuro Naoki and Mirumoto Yonaka sneak out the doorway and encounter what appears to be a large figure. The Shosuro notes it is a large ape. She also notices that it grows to a considerable size and charges the two samurai. The ape only moves close enough to throw a globe that shatters and produces a noxious gas. At the same time, a Sticky Web pins the Shosuro to the wall of the tower, and partially slows the Mirumoto.

Mirumoto Yonaka moves forward and the Ape surges forward again to grapple. The Mirumoto’s sword cuts the ape and the ape chokes the Mirumoto into unconsciousness. The Shosuro seeing the Miromoto in danger, places a well put dart into the giant ape’s eye. The roar from the Ape causes the Hida to burst forth from the tower, seemingly unhindered by the sticky web. But it allows Shosuro Naoki to wiggle free of the web. It also allows the giant ape to carry the unconscious body of Mirumoto Yonaka away.

Shosuro Naoki shouts “Save him!” and the…

The Parchment burst into flames and the Agent jumped backwards shaking his scorched hands. Blowing on his reddened fingers, he stated “Oh! And just when it was getting good! Huh, baby walking? Baby? What the hell does that mean?”


One experience point



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