L5R : Jade Winds

Tea with the Maturyaruku-sama (Matriarch)

The Tamori has a chat with the dwarven Matriarch. Then packing and leaving.

Tokugawa coinage

After the group has been poisoned and our kimonos searched, Tamori Yuriko has just enough time to clean up and go to keep the appointment Yonaka had made with the Dwarven Matriarch. On the way the 2 dragons witness a dispute settled between 2 dwarves. A wrestling ring is drawn on the ground and the combatants duke it out with the elder of the 2 apparently winning the dispute by technique rather than strength. Yonaka wins a bu by betting on the 3rd fall.

After the match they go to their meeting. Again Yonaka is ask to leave the room for the discussion and witnesses the wagons for the caravan being prepared and some of the dwarves indicating an “interesting event”, and by interpreting their gestures Yonaka figures on some sort of accident involving some dwarves being injured, maybe by a falling building. The Tamori, meanwhile, is having a fine time drinking tea with the Matriarch while informing her of some issues the earth kami have with the way the dwarves are doing things in their mining operation. (Apparently no one else has mentioned these mines and that the Tamori has knowledge of these mines is a surprise to the Matriarch.)

Once they return the Mirumoto is nearly having to carry the Tamori back to the customs house as the “tea” has made her merry and she is stumbling about without her sandals or socks on. The Tamori goes in to take a nap while Yonaka decides to ask the Hida if he would mind if the Ashigaru were given some training in hand-to-hand combat, upon which he practices a couple of the moves he witnessed during the match between the dwarves.

Packing happens (neither the maid nor the carpenter return, and we find the poison in the storage cupboard which somehow we’d overlooked the first time we searched it) and at night the dwarf Maslin who had lost the wrestling match comes to get the group and they leave after the dwarves help them put on some heavy leather vests with seem to be filled with metal. The Kitsuki determines that the metal is golden roku as the vests are securely tied to him, the Hida, and the Mirumoto.

Along the road north the caravan wagon passes by some wicker cage baskets, only one of which contains a still living person. Yonaka recognizes him as one of the White Tiger Rebellion but says nothing except to suggest that the man should die with honor and not in a cage. When the Kitsuki questions him the man answers “I am Takanouchi Shinji. I was branded a traitor because I fought FOR the celestial order.” They cut the basket open and get the Mitinaka out. As they progress down the road Michiko cuts open the other baskets containing dead rebels and rifles through their clothing to make it look as though Shinji was not the only one cut from their cage. Michiko paints Shinji’s face to make him look diseased and cuts his hair to help him look less recognizable.

The wagon takes the East road at the T intersection, a gaijin Muru encampment in the distance on the West road. The dwarf Maslin indicates that there are 6 “samurai” at the checkpoint that leaves Mitanaka lands and that they do not have papers for the samurai in the group.

At this point it is assumed that negotiations once the party gets to the gate are going to go badly.

The PCs are awarded ONE experience point.



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