L5R : Jade Winds

Tears of a Fox's Heart (Part 2)

Unforeseen Portents

Using pregen adventure “Tears of a Fox’s Heart” plus some stuff kugelblitz made up

Everyone fails to sleep well, have experienced bad dreams and fitful sleep except for a cheerful Kitsu Mokuna who greets the guests at the morning dining area. He is going to be purifying, blessing and warding the house in preparation for the wedding. The Tamori offers to help, as shugenja appear to be thin on the ground around these parts. They are accompanied by a commoner known as Tama, a long time retainer to the household.

The ritual involves a thorough cleaning, ceremonially removing spirits by throwing seed and dirt out, and lastly a ritual blessing with a ceremonial wand. Akimitsu and Hisayo fervently pray during the ceremony. Paper wards are then placed on all the exits and windows – Tamori asks about this (it is unique) and is told the family wants “extra protection”. Odd, since these kind of wards work only to keep mujina and other mischief type spirits at bay, not real baddies like gaki. Mokuna is very curious and interested in any advice, he is not a dolt.

Then Tama shrieks and attacks Hisayo with a simple knife “YOU CAN’T HAVE HIM!!”.

(I think the Crab jiujitsued the knife from his hand). Confusion reigns, and then the Seppun Yojimbo bursts into the room with drawn steel. As Tama weeps brokenly, the PCs argue for mercy (someone rolled pretty high here) and the Seppun does not cut Tama into dog food.

Ikeda Akimitsu is shaken while Hisayo is freaked out by the event. Tama is led off, much the worse. Tamori checks in with the spirit world, gets a water kami out of the koi pond who mentions that something “bitter” is lurking around. Great.

The rest of the day is false cheer as the guests wander around town enjoying the festival and pondering. I think someone checked on Kitsune Mara, but she was indisposed. Both Ikedas are baffled by the behavior of a previously reliable servant going nuts.

Later one of the servants gets grilled by a PC (INSERT NAME HERE).



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