L5R : Jade Winds

The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 1)

In the bamboo grove

• Pockets of dead or dying samurai in the bamboo grove
• Agasha Riku, shugenja is a healer here
• Yagi, a one armed ronin is helping here
• Mitanaka (minor clan) are fighting the Hitomi alongside gaijin (Muguru)
• PCs encounter an actor entertaining the distraught peasants
• A creature is brought forth from the womb of a woman
• The creature flees from the Mirumoto’s crystal, into the night sky
• Yagi talks about the Tears of the Moon
• after giving birth, a horrified Agasha Muri crumbles into dust and blows away
• Yonaka then slays Agasha Riku before she can react
• Some peasants speak of the Muguru giving them food for labor
• PCs travel onward, evading a few Muguru patrols



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