L5R : Jade Winds

The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 2)

Flashback and Death

  • Flashback to Three rings Village; where Hida Nakamuro was orphaned by Shadowspawn, he was hidden inside a rice barrel and buried with other children as Shadowspawn overwhelemed the village where his mother had left him. Other players took the parts of villagers, rescuers and doomed defenders.
  • At the Temple to the Fortune of Luck (Good or bad) the PCs are in hiding there in the night, the Temple is quiet and abandoned. The scorpion scouts out the grounds and slays a cat he finds. Some PCs sleep in a remote, small hut, others hide and watch. A party of mounted Muguru arrive with lanterns and shovels. They bury something under the Torii at the Shrine’s entrance. Some of the Muguru look important. The appearance of the Tiger Headed One drives the Crab into a berserk frenzy and he heedlessly charges the Muguru and is mortally wounded when they impale him with lances. The Tsuruchi strikes from ambush, wounding a female Muguru as she stands by her palanquin. Her bodyguards charge into the woods and hunt the Tsuruchi down. He is not seen alive again.

The two Dragons flee. The Scorpion watches, waits and stays hidden until the Muguru finally leave. He then discovers the Crab is barely alive, so he staunched the Crab’s wounds. Scorpion moves Crab, but is unable to move the Crab far, and covers tracks.

Meanwhile a patrol of Dragon Mountain rangers has heard the commotion and they arrive in time to take the Crab up the mountain into a cave. Later the Crab and Scorpion are taken further away into a small complex of underground caves where the Crab can receives the attentions of a healer.



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