L5R : Jade Winds

The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 3)


The PCs huddle in a hidden Dragon fortress (Kagemusha), discovering allies. Not really, they spend all their time apart, mostly.

• The Crab slowly is brought back to health after a 4-day fever. Later, he wanders out onto the mountainside and into a hermit’s hut where a white owl nests above. There is a spirit fight with ghosts and coffins, much wrestling happens but the Crab prevails. Waking later he finds the Scorpion had trailed him there, they spend the night in the hut of dead Genki.

• The Tamori and the Mirumoto, on separate paths, after wandering the hills are collected by a Dragon patrol, come to the mountain fortress. There are several banners of Dragon samurai here, preparing to strike at the gaijin. Yet before being collected, the Tamori encountered a dying, older Hitomi bushi who used his last hours with her, to speak of duty, death and obligations left behind.

Mirumoto Tenko Sensei is in Kagemusha, and he spars with former student Yonaka to see if he has learned anything since Yonaka left their dojo. Mirumoto apparently had learned some. Yonka is left with a broken set of daisho after the lesson.

• Saburo Tamori, Emerald Magistrate 3rd Class, with a Kitsuki questions the PCs. The Emerald Magistratedecides to send the Kitsuki with the PCs after hearing of the temple encounter. The EM is very interested in the betrayal by the Mitanaka family. Go forth and bring me clues.



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