L5R : Jade Winds

The Climb of the Moon (Part 1)

  • Kitsuki mentions his vision of the temple in the air
  • Shosuro finishes passes to get them out of town
  • On the way out, Shosuro is beckoned to by a Crane lady in a palanquin
  • Hida meets Usagi bushi and tells them of the survival of the Usagi heir
  • Yonaka has a friendly bokken duel with a Ronin
  • Party heads out of town, and finds a hidden clearing
  • Perform tea ceremony under full moon
  • Afterwards there is a thunderclap, and an air djinn, crying “Unbelievers!”, throws a lightning bolt at Yonaka, striking him in the chest
  • The Void Dragon appears, saying “NO”, and rips djinn to shreds
  • In its coils it creates a path to the Temple of the Moon



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