L5R : Jade Winds

The Crab and the Scorpion (Part 1)

Crab and Scorpion (Lone Ranger and Tonto) go to town, which means in classical plot structure the Crab should get the shit kicked out of him at some point (makes note)

(Samurai/ronin and yojimbo in disguise) — ok wtf is a ronin doing with a yojimbo? This was interesting enough that ONE of the brain dead group of newly recruited yoriki/gamblers at the torii of Shuho decided to follow them to a geisha house Beautiful Method (third class) on the Street of the Blue Lanterns.

They got the little boy to point out where mom and dad did “business” which was called Crunchy Noodle, I think. Walked him to his home.

The two went back to BM and paid a lot of money for small room. There were some heiman happenins and the Crab got to have a friendly wrestle with a half yobanjin/half rokugani stable woman (they didn’t want the tea). The yojimbo secured the services of a fat whore and sent her in to see the Scorpion because the room was too small for three people.

He slept outside the room in the hall. He saw some bushi coming and going. The place was pretty busy.

Early next day at the aforementioned noodle place they find it was well stocked with noodles, freshwater shrimp and fiery sauces. The Scorpion bought the Crab some food, noticed a guard and some commerce in the back of the building/stall and haggled some about wares with the head cook there (there were like three people there; the food was excellent but there weren’t many customers…. wth?).

He waved some money around and said he would come back at noon for something rare, he mentioned wanting 50 or 500 sets of daisho, I think. wow.

The Crab and the Scorpion



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