L5R : Jade Winds

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 3)

Disappearing Rabbits

The party sneaks for three days through the scenic Shadowlands (ooh! carnivorous spine throwing bushes!) until a brief melee alerts them to the presence of goblins, which leads them to the stronghouse formerly owned by the Hiruma. They attack it as the sun rises, fighting one Ogre, many goblins (males, females and sprats) and into the keep proper. Their attack coincided with that of a nearby Nezumi Clan so things go rather well for a bit. The press carries them into the keep and into the dread presence of Exalted Ugu. Oh and a second Ogre shows up outside, and more goblins. Attrition has been taking a toll of the Ratlings and the PCs are tired and wounded (boo) but they did retrieve the sword from the clutches of Bad Skin Condition Ogre (yay!).

Once inside the keep, away from the Second Ogre, well let us call him the Strong Ogre as opposed to the Ogre with a Skin Condition, who went down like a cheap kite in hailstorm (note to self, next time have more ogres in the first fight, or better ones).

The group minus the eta, who safely ran away into the Shadowlands — (yeah, he’ll be back) after blowing a will vs. Fear roll, re-entered the breached wall ahead of Strong Ogre, and moved to its far end, passing over the already sliced up corpses of 5 goblins. There would be some stairs there at the end of the corridor which had a goblin armed with some rocks at the top landing. I say had because the Laser Bushi, er Wasp, er Mantis (Tsuruchi) Archer would just kill him without much effort. So mark off two more shafts and we can be up there already.

Strong Ogre is so busy beating a larger hole into the breach that he is preventing any goblins from using said hole, or at least being able to traverse the breach intact. He seems very upset about it. Ogres.

In the next story (heh) of the stronghouse, which is after those unevenly sized, trippy goddamned stairs and through a set of actual intact doors (reinforced, unbarred, heavy) and thence across a corridor (ramp leading to the right and down) you cannot go right and down the ramp because the doors at the further end are very, very closed by the Earth kami there. There are nine or so dead and dying goblins littering the ramp. One dying Nezumi is here, who points the way into the room there when you shove through the unbarred doors into view.

… and into a large series of rooms that lack intact shoji screens, which is basically one BIG trashed room replete with all the signs of 1) A goblin Mardi Gras/Hoodoo ritual 2) Some berserk Nezumi tossing the room and slaughtering the occupants (24 dead goblins so far), 3) A few (three) dying or maimed Smoking Mirror Nezumi and 4) Some unsavory items of feasting, i.e. strange meat on stranger bones and lastly 5) The Winner and two Runners Up of the All Shadowlands Heavyweight Unlimited Bad Smells Competition. Eww.



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