L5R : Jade Winds

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 5)

Run like Hell

General Bayushi Tomaru has one thousand infantry, five hundred archers, six hundred siege engineers and two hundred elite cavalry. Oda has two hundred infantry, five hundred archers and one hundred fifty mounted archers. If things get desperate, perhaps a hundred heimin can be armed.

The PCs decide to haul ass (leaving the Usagi to their fate) and exit the keep via a secret Hare tunnel. Shortly after leving the safety of the tunnel they are seen by Scorpion pickets and captured. As the capture is going down, Shosuro Rei rides up and pulls rank on the Gunso, taking the prisoners herself. She has a brief but critical talk with the PCs which results in her getting the stolen scroll from them. One of the PCs breaks out the “scorpion favor” marker that another Shosuro had given the party in thanks for their helping destroy a rival criminal gang near Otosan Uchi (with fire and sword). Shosuro is somewhat annoyed at this interruption in her duty as an Emerald Magistrate but grudgingly complies with the favor by escorting the group out of the army’s clutches and to the Unicorn Clan borders where she hands them over to a Unicorn Magistrate. He will happily do her a favor by taking the PCs back to the Dragon lands, where they will be out of her hair.

Moto Qing educates the PCs as they travel across the Unicorn grasslands on the basic techniques of investigation and seizure, as he is quite a good teacher they manage to absorb some of it. Eventually the mountains in the east become quite close and huge. The Dragons are happy to be home, and Yonaka even used to spend some summers nearby, he wants to go there first, after they cross the mostly unmarked border into Dragonlands. First they encounter a close inspection from a Unicorn mounted patrol out riding the sea of grass.

At last, the Dragon mountains. Later the Dragon learn that Tomoe was married to the Bayushi General.



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