L5R : Jade Winds

The Northern Road (Part 1)

Tea, Decisions, Night

The PCs, rested and leveled, leave Kagemusha for the Fortune of Luck Temple disguised as eta. Seriously.

• Once they arrive the PCs post lookouts and try to find the dead Mantis. They bury him but do not find his great bow, or his head either. Also his body has some odd wonds upon it.

Gaijin rune opAfterwards they unearth up the Tiger Calligraphed (rune) gaijin treasure box, which isn’t. A fire trap sets everyone aflame and the shugenja calls forth a spirit to quench the flames. A nine-fold rune is found, each part is a separate box. Inside all is the side handle Teapot of the Moon. A perfect Cha-noh-Yu ceremony is then enacted by the scorpion, moving the participants deeply. The rest of the evening is spent resting and reflecting, with all the PCs finding their Void has returned and somehow been deepened.

The next day, the disguised PCs (helped along by the somehow happier Shosuro actor) continue north on smaller mountain trails toward the town of Mito, nestled up against a mighty cliff.



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