L5R : Jade Winds

The Tamori's Guest (Part 1)

What the Crab Saw

Mask 3

At the Scorpion’s request, the Tamori shugenja attempts to contact the deceased owner of a Kabuki mask. In the closed room, the Scorpion undresses and plays her dead mother’s flute (a shakuhachi) in order to help draw the spirit. The Tamori is astoundingly successful, so much so that she becomes fully possessed by the angry spirit of Takeda Endo, the slain acting sensei of the Mockers Party acting Troop.

The summoned Endo berates the young Scorpion-ko. While the Crab and the Dragon Mirumoto guard the sliding doors, pretending not to listen to a voice they do not recognize, Endo stalks angrily around his former student, pointing out the gaps in her duties and obligations to the Empire and her Clan and questioning her plans and intentions.

As the rather one-sided discussion becomes more intense, and a slap is heard, the Hida and the Mirumoto silently agree to intervene. The Mirumoto picks up a tray with tea things on it as an excuse for their interruption, while making sure his swords are in place. Before they can act, however, the room falls silent.

The Scorpion is an emotional wreck by the time the Tamori slumps exhausted to the tatami mats. So much so that she, who had heretofore been recognized both as a male and female by her fellow party members, removes all doubt entirely when she calls for their help. The Crab pushes opens the shoji with significant force, and the Mirumoto is right behind him. The Scorpion was blessed with many favors when she was born, and the Crab and Dragon are taken aback when her tear-strewn self bursts out of the customs house. The frame of the shoji is broken as the Crab’s grip on it tightens in shock. They recover, each affected in their own way, and provide succor to the disheveled Tamori as the Scorpion realizes her condition and hurriedly repairs her wardrobe.

The Scorpion hands the Kabuki mask to the Crab, asking him to destroy it, which he does on a dwarven anvil nearby. When he returns, the Scorpion is sitting by the unconscious Tamori and again playing the shakuhachi. The Crab takes it from her, snaps it in two, and throws the pieces to the floor.

Note – This run happened at ORIGINS with a guest player being the heretofore unplayed NPC Takeda Endo becoming the puppetmaster of the possessed Tamori. It was an epic session.



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