L5R : Jade Winds

The Tamori's Guest (Part 2)

Yari ashigaru!
Illo from Shogun: Art of War

After she collapses after the highly successful summoning, a vigil is held over the unconscious Tamori that night, by the Crab and the Mirumoto. Dawn brings slowly increasing rain. A certain tension has enveloped the Crab, who trains all day in the rain with his newly minted Ashigaru and then, after they collapse from sheer fatigue, alone. The Hida does daitsuchi katas, over and over.

Dwarves come by at one point to look at the Tamori and they shake their heads, coming back later on with an odd female dwarf who does some kind of ritual over the Tamori. The Tamori wakes up over the course of the next night, somewhat unsure of the previous days events.



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