L5R : Jade Winds

The Tamori's Guest (Part 3)

Blessings of the Fish Spider

Tamori wakes up from the summoning induced zazen with her new friend Takeda Endo calmly sitting in the corner. The Hida has words with Tamori about being possessed.

Rice gruel

Dinner, a rice gruel with fish and pickled vegetables is served by the PCs as the cook is absent (her day off). Everybody except Scorpion realizes they were poisoned which causes challenging rolls to made (raw will? vs. TN 25, then 20, then 15) and the Scorpion was busy making conversation while the Tamori served the meal, she was not poisoned!

The effects are lassitude followed by by swift paralysis of the major muscle groups (the victims lie there, quivering).

Once the PCs were immobilized, unknown parties in ronin garb appeared outside. As an archer keeps the Scorpion covered, another ronin quickly and efficiently searches the PCs with the end of a jo stick, looking for Red Dog tattoos or something? on their skin or under their clothes. The searcher never touches anyone’s skin with his hands. Two other ronin keep an alert watch from the shadows, they appeared quick and efficient.

The unpoisoned “Mantis” is not searched, just held at bay by archer san. The ronin do not find… something, or they have, either way, they fade back into the gloom. The PCs recover with inflamed tongues and minor nausea some 30 minutes later, angry and baffled. Words are said about the food and the quality of the help. The kitchen area is searched. The poison is not found.

ONE experience point earned.


I believe it was the Tamori that severed the food because she got an extra bowl. She is a very talented Shugenja, but as a cook, she is a talented Shugenja.

The Tamori's Guest (Part 3)

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