L5R : Jade Winds

The Temple of Air (Part 2)

A quiet death amongst many

Eye of the Dragon
Faces across chasm to
Eye of the Tiger

The sun has set, chimes indicate the hour as monks busy themselves taking supplies down the mountain to the refuge area. Some do not return. Hitomi Castle still stands. In the distance water becomes air as clouds frame the sky, bringing wind. It will rain, and the air is fizzing with static. It smells of beasts.

  • The gaijin hasashim assault at midnight
  • Crab duels with Tiger headed Mage, wounding both
  • The quiet and noble death of the Ise Zumi PC
  • The Gaijin gate out
  • Things Were Stolen by the Gaijin!
  • The PCs leave the Temple, fewer and worn out, headed north
  • A gorge is crossed



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