L5R : Jade Winds

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 3)

The Hida sends his Ashigaru back into North Wall City to find the Shosuro/Mantis and Kitsuki and Bring Them Back Alive. They go. Meanwhile the the Shosuro/Mantis re-enters North Wall City from the Eastern Road via an empty gate and an eerily silent street, smoke hangs heavy in the air. She then goes back to inn, which has been tossed by Parties Unknown, who have somehow not found or needed the Side Handle Teapot of the Moon.
While this is going in, in parallel, the exhausted Kitsuki interviews with some deputies of the Chamberlain. They are interested in his firefighting deeds and request him to come to the Chamberlain later that day, after he is presentable. He then heads back to inn with an ashigaru escort to prepare for his interview after firefighting all night. He walks right by the newly disguised with Shosuro/Mantis who is loitering outside.



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