L5R : Jade Winds

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 5)

Lying amongst the seedlings

Japanese wooodblock print

Shosuro (in Mantis togs), Kitsuki Kanko and the two newly minted Ashigaru cross the newly sprouted wheatfields at night, trying to evade the alarums being gonged from North wall City. After watching the patterns of the lanterns and other search groups the Scorpion carefully leads them into a darkened path which leads towards the Custom House. after a short walk, they are confronted by a young, hidden samurai who had been placed there in hopes that fugitives would run into him. He shouts and leaps out of hiding, causing one ashigaru to run off into the darkness in panic.

Kitsuki Kanko, carefully points out that he and the samurai-ko were “merely out walking”, managing to imply that they were not doing that at all. The “Mantis” hurriedly arranges her clothes and does not allow the samurai to see her face… or the knife she has readied in her sleeve. Embarassed, the bushi grudging points out that they need to go over to a nearby road and then report to a group of lights near an intersection. Having saved the group’s asses, the Kitsuki thanks him and they ease off into the darkness, not really hurrying.

Meanwhile, Genji Al-Salat, gaijin interpreter, speaks to to the Crab, Tamori and Mirumoto back at the Customs House. After he leaves, the Tamori asks an earth kami to aid the Shosuro and Kitsuki in their efforts to arrive. Ah, so; an elevated path appears just for them and leads them straight to camp. The path then fades back into the tilled fields.

Everybody is back together at the Customs House/dwarf camp (the GM cheers!).

This was a warehouse for the manufacture of rope before. The customs for the area agent lived here, simply, and a small fish sauce pressing house (smell still lingers) was close to the trout stream.
The Mitanaka must have turned it over to the Smelly Rock Goblins. They built earth and stone hogans sunk halfway into the flinty earth, connected by roofed paths. The snows here must be incredible if the roof angles mean anything.
The SRG live in the hogans, they use the drafty, weatherbeaten Rope Factory (~2500 sq feet) as a meeting area/ flea market/storage place. The fish sauce press is still a going concern, peasants show up and work there every day, using fish from the small ponds scattered about the fields here.
They are surrounded by new wheat planted in strips, mingled with rows of soybeans.
The SRG use small two roomed customs agent’s house as guest quarters. There are other roku who “work” for them, as it is furnished. Also there is a large open stable which is currently nearly empty (donkeys).
BTW the SRG seem a bit tense, or maybe they yell at each other all the time?



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