L5R : Jade Winds

Moon, Troll, Ningyo

Dragons Bright red flaming cherry blossom color text explodes about the party as Miromoto, Hida, Shosuro, and Toro make their way towards a pretty, if modest ryokan with an owl on the roof.

They enter a simple but exquisite room. There is a woman behind a screen, backlit by candles. A large figure on the left wears scorched armor, while on the right, an elegant lady puts Crane courtiers to shame.

Five mats are prepared in an arc between these persons and in front of the screen. Toro sits first.

The Fire aspected biped intones “Call the first witness”.

A blue-skinned Ningyo undulates (note the “d”) in, and accuses us of breaking the accord between the Ningyo and the Trolls.

The Troll responds that no agreement was broken, as the device was protected.

The Tamori is called, starring in the role of “the accused”. She admits freely to having used the artifact. Being Rokugani, she offers no excuse.

The Mirumoto confesses that as he was in charge, the blame is his.

The Hida is addresses as the “Son of Osano-Wo” and is asked if there are not enough challenges in the Shadowlands. He broods.

No one notices Toro. Perhaps it is the lack of acrobatics rolls?

The Shosuro is asked if she pursues vengences outside of the Empire. She responds that she might have to leave Rokugan to save it.

The Dragon of Fire intones “My obligation is unfulfilled. I have decided.”

The Dragon of Water replies “I will allow it if my domain is restored”.

The Mirumoto attempts to interject a declaration of responsibility, but is politely told to stay quiet around his betters.

The troll says that “this is a week reed”. The Dragon responds that “One is, but together they are not. It is sufficient.”

Much polite bowing and exiting.

The Dragon of Fire : “I will permit it, but O will not allow extensions. Am I understood?”

Toro speaks up: " I don’t!"

The Dragon responds: “Enquire of my answer at your leisure.”

We are served tea in our Nemurani. Tamori’s is cracked. The monk gets a wooden one (mallorn wood, if memory serves).

Lady Moon: “It is time. I cannot help you much as I am so far away.”

Everyone wakes up.

The Tamori is awake, but breathes only when she needs to talk.

After a brief examination, including an offer to assist in Tamori’s suicide, Mirumoto allows Shosuro to cut the Tamori’s bonds. (Tamori declined on the grounds that suicide was now redundant), Mirumoto also takes a message for Tamori’s husband – “I regret that I turned out to be no better a mtch for you than you were to me”. Shosuro, who had missed the exchange, asks if the Tamori would like her to speak to the husband. Tamori replies that “T think he’s a little young for you, but it is your choice.”.

Tamori expresses her intent to kill her ancestor “thoroughly”. Expresses little concern for consequences. Answers are noted to be startlingly direct and clear.

Some discomfort is expressed at the means we are using (Toro points out that the Island is not a lawful weapon). Hida intones that the Dragon of Fire has authorized the use of the Island and the Tamori’s body, so everyone to shut up now.

The Tamori begins to regain control of the Island. She generates a map for everyone to examine. Explorations commence, revealing that the Phoenix monk we pursued is now possessed by an Oni, and that hawk-riding gaijin are beginning to infest Tamori’s property.

Looking at the Oni, the Tamori inscribes Ward of Thunder on the Hida’s armor.

(The above painting commemorates the 800th anniversary of Kenni-ji’s founding in 2002.) It measures 11.4 meters by 15.7 meters (the size of 108 tatami mats).

ONE experience point, Ednoria and Sean get a bennie point for writing stuff


Oh dear Yuriko, I am sorry I was more obtuse in my question. After now realizing, all too late, that you had an over active sense of vengeance, I wanted only too be of assistance. If there is one thing I can do is revenge. If I had known earlier, maybe we could have found common ground. On second thought, we both know, never happen.
But actually my question was more directed to if you cannot make it back to Rokugan, would you like me send your husband on to another plane of existence, maybe another spin of the karmic wheel? Oh no that you speak clearly and have shed these mortal restraints, I am sure you do not care for us, the simple servants of Rokugan. But the offer stands. I have never met your husband, but for you I could make him a special present.

Your Most Humble & Obedient Servant
Shosuro Naoki

Moon, Troll, Ningyo

Ah, humble Naoki-san, I see you are also confounded by Yuriko’s new directness. If she tells me so I will defer and you can be the messenger, but her husband is a Mirumoto, and as a Mirumoto I hope to deliver her wakizashi along with her message. I don’t expect his nature will change, but for the sake of the Clan I will leave it to Hotaka to make the most honorable choice he can when that moment arrives.

Moon, Troll, Ningyo

Mirumoto sama please accept my apologies. I would never think to interfere in such a personal matter. I knew so little of her husband, she spoke as much as a Hida about him.

I will of course avail myself to any of your requests. Though it is curious how tragic things happen to bad people, sometimes swiftly…unexpectedly…and mysteriously…The monk I believe calls it “Kharma”.

I live to serve Rokugan Sama.


Moon, Troll, Ningyo

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