L5R : Jade Winds

Treacherous Terrain (Part 1)

Hou hou

Using pregen characters and pregen adventure “Treacherous Terrain”, originally posted on LJ

The group:

Location: Village of the Reinstated Hero (Mura Sano Eiyu ni Suru)

Time: early Spring (Cherry Blossoms)

The PCs meet at the Shrine to Duty honoring Ikoma Teidei, one of the more holy shrines in Lion lands, even Scorpions publically venerate it.

(young and promising samurai whose daimyo was executed by an assassin. Teidei became a ronin and spent the next seven years hunting the man responsible. In the end he tracked him down to Mura sano Eiyu ni Suru, where he killed the assassin, and then committed seppuku to join his master. A shrine now stands in the village in his memory.)

They meet two Phoenixes, one an older Shugenja Asako Kato, Acolyte of Air, in service to Lord Asako Heishi the Master of Air and Imperial Jade Champion, and Asako Ryoko, his niece and apprentice in the order.

(The Five Elemental Masters hold sway not only over their elements and magic as a whole, but also over the Phoenix. Depending on the demeanors of the Champion and the Masters at any given time, the Champion may have great sway in the affairs of his clan, but the Council truly holds the power within the Phoenix. )

(The Jade Champion was created by the Emperor in response to the flagrant use of maho that Iuchiban and the Bloodspeakers released upon Rokugan. The Champion was to be in charge of the use of magic within the empire, and especially responsible for the prevention of maho. )

Asako expresses concerns over a dangerous journey to Pale Oak Castle that he cannot go upon due to more pressing Bloodspeaker Cult business and the PCs offer to escort his niece there. He happily underwrites their journey and even offers to write passports for them, even going so far as to offer the ronin Dohi, two koku for his services. The group agrees to meet later at the House of the Jade Tiger.

Once there that evening, they are fed and entertained by Asako in the large main room of the inn.

Yonaka notices a sour glance directed by Ryoko towards a fellow Dragon sitting in the inn, a Shugenja of moderate rank. Dohi later is rebuffed when he tries to annoy the Dragon Shugenja (note: the Shugenja’s status is higher than the ronin’s, so the Dragon (Tonbo Ukiya) pretty much ignores the ronin).

Later the two Dragon samurai talk to Ukiya and discover that he is rather infatuated with Ryoko and that her family did not accept a marriage agreement between the two of them (he is of too minor a status). Ukiya claims to be on pilgrimage to yet another shrine (Jurojin) which is in Phoenix lands.

Dohi leaves the inn and stand outside whereupon a new Unicorn Magistrate (Shinjo Tamaji) who specializes crime cartels and yakuza (especially Scorpions) artlessly asks him if he can offer him any information. Kakita Hiro recognizes two Crane noblemen as Doji Torusawa and Doji Matsuro, and as a Crane himself, realizes that trying to talk to them would be pointless due to their status. The Cranes are copiously but carefully enjoying themselves along with their entourage of beautiful courtesans and Daidoji bodyguards.

(The Daidoji respect the spear as a weapon and many of their bushi learn to use it before the katana. The motto speaks of a readiness to leap to the defense of their clan, military or otherwise. A bushi of the Daidoji has their mon tattooed on his wrists on the day of his gempukku as a reminder of his sworn duty to the Crane.)

We ended there.



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