L5R : Jade Winds

Unicorn Interlude (Part 1)

Wrestling and riding with maidens

Before leaving LL Castle, Kitsuki Kagi reveals that he suspects that larger plans are afoot involving the murder of the two samurai there. He charges them to discover why the murder happened, and writes them temporary Emerald Yuriki warrants, and forces his other yuriki, Mei to go with them, they say a brief goodbye.

A grumpy guide is procured once the border river is crossed in a shallow ford. The party is walking west into the Unicorn domains, eventually they come across some fresh graves from the recent skirmish. In the distance, a single rider makes a brief appearance. Later a patrol of mounted Unicorns swiftly appears from some low ground, surprising the group. They quickly make their intentions known and the Unicorn indicate that they will be bivouacing a few miles north from here, agreeing to host the samurai when they finish walking there. The PCs walk there, arriving near dark. Mei is careful to hide her face from the Unicorn.

The sword is returned to the Utaku, and stories are swapped. After a bit the PCs find the Unicorn oddly friendly, and some wrestling happens, with the Utaku matching the Crab in a few matches, well, by weight at least. The Crab is bemused by these incredibly tough horse maidens. Mei does not make an appearance, hiding with the PCs gear. The night passes.



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