L5R : Jade Winds

Unicorn Interlude (Part 3)

The group held their ground, a bridge, against walking fire bombs and Moghul outriders until a patrol of some 30 fine, strong limbed Utaku shrieking battle curses, relieved them. It was frustrating to be arrow targets, but timely flooding slowed the arrival of the Moghul infantry. After some wound healing, Meilikki was dispatched to “Tell the Khan”. Bottling her emotions, she bowed to the group and sped off, an Utaku Battle Maiden once more. The group asked Shen, of the Red Ginseng Grove Village militia to take them to Hitomi Castle. He backtracked across the bridge and started east.

• Tamori calls an earthquake
• The Flaming Heads attack on the bridge again
• The Muguru scouts appear
• Utaku Zuruzu arrives with reinforcements
• Mei is Utaku



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