L5R : Jade Winds

Visiting Hoshi (I)

Taisa Yonaka decides to go north, to seek out the source of the vengeful ronin. Gathering his family (wife #1, wife #2, adopted son and adopted daughter) he head north with his retinue.
Soon he arrives in Shuho.

The Taisa of the Golden Sun Runners is very gracious and arranges many diversions. A hawking expedition, a Noh play is to be performed by some travelling actors.

The Hida discovered a previous contact, a Yasuki merchant is still around and recieves a ciphered mesage from him (The Taisa meets with ronin). Hoh.

The Noh play occurs after dark and puts many of the PCs to sleep, apparently Boo the baby girl was fascinated and stayed happily awake while the hulking Crab held her.

The monk and the Horiuchi go out drinking, and find a gambling establishment filled with jolly revelers listening to a drunken Kensai/Spear saint regaling them with stories.

Taisa Hoshi crept out during the performance and came back just before it ended. This was told to the PCs after the show by one of their guards.

The PCs travel back to the Taisa’s residence to sleep.During the night the Lady Masamune honorably creps into the garden to spy upon the tea house, which is guarded. She hears sounds of gentle moans and cries, and after a bit she retreats back to the house.

The next morning Yonaka and Masamune kindly offer to host a tea ceremony! The hurry out to the tea house and clean it very carefully. Masamune finds a tiny scab between two pine boards.
Meanwhile the Horiuchi rides quickly down to the gambling inn to see if he can find the Kensai.

The ceremony proceeds after all is made pretty, and after some nice courtier speeches the exhausted and by now distraught Hoshi cracks. She is desperate for help for her lover, who is doing something dangerous soon in the ruins of Hitomi Castle. Can they help? She would do almost anything! They agree, with some stipulations which she quickly accepts.

The Horiuchi finds the kensai working out with his two students, a rather tall Lion (Shishiko) and a Mantis quartermaster with very long arms called Monkey. The Kensai will not go to breakfast to see some Taisas. They can come to him. While the two talk, the excitable monk makes comments under his breath until the two students glare at him. The Horiuchi gallops back to the mansion with the news.

Everyone eats breakfast.



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