L5R : Jade Winds

Words and Swords (Part 1)

Storming the checkpoint

The PCs head eastwards into the highlands.

Mitanaka check point

The group, escorting three rock goblins and their mules, with the ashigaru carrying the seriously wounded Tannouchi come upon a Clan Mitanaka checkpoint in the early hours of the morning. A brief discussion ensues in which the name of the Kitsuki features as a “person of interest” on a certain document.

The Kitsuki then directly insults the clan of the samurai and ashigaru with him, and the fight is on. Takeda seizes control of the drunken Tamori and adds her wakizashi to the fight. The Crab and the Mirumoto toss alchemical potions of fire down their gullets, causing them to become bathed in lurid green flames. The tincture swallowed by Kitsuki Kanko causes his skin to become grey and thickened, resisting damage, which prevents the second spear thrust from damaging him.

Soon, the closest spear wielding samurai has succumbed to the direct attentions of the Crab’s hammer (the Mirumoto administered the coupĂ© de grace). The remaining ashigaru clump together near the barred gate, defensively keeping the fence there to their back, as the other visible samurai present has meanwhile grabbed a yumi and has been feathering the PCs.

A skyrocket arcs into the sky, a fiery signal to whom? Time may be short.

PCs are awarded TWO experience points.



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