L5R : Jade Winds

Words and Swords (Part 2)

Both come to a point

Arrowed samurai
(illo from Throne of Blood)

Following the fall of the first samurai Kitsuki Kanko leads a charge on the ashigaru retreating to the blockhouse of the border post, even though his stony skin has disappeared in this world, facing down the remaining bow-armed samurai.

Arrows are exchanged and the Mantis Shosuro ends the life of the ashigaru Mio. The remaining samurai retreats into the blockhouse doorway where he is faced down by the still aflame Mirumoto Yonaka who wounds him.

The Mantis once again wounds an ashigaru, this one was fleeing for the gate, putting him down steps from it. The group’s shugenja casts the mighty earth spell “Share the Strength of Many” on herself, the honorable Crab Nakamuro and the honorable Dragon Yonaka, increasing their kharmic acceptance.

Attempts are made to knockdown the opponents in the doorway with the Mirumoto succeeding in taking down the samurai. The attack has gone to a fever pitch. The Mantis kills the suffering ashigaru by the gate from afar. The Crab is unmoved from the doorway and injures the remaining samurai with mystic fire defense while accepting only a scratch, ignoring the lesser efforts of the remaining ashigaru in the room and preventing the door from closing.

Yonaka kills another ashiguru, lessening the odds. The Tamori in a silent struggle, aided by her own spell, regains control of her body. Yonaka slays the remaining wounded ashigaru. In a desperate attempt to die with honor the samurai stands and attacks the Crab, the Crab obliges with the permission of the Dragon.

The esteemed company ashigaru, Franku and Earnestu, are to be commended for their efforts guarding the fighters in the forefront of battle, allowing them to focus their efforts solely in the attack at the block house. Due to the Crab’s able instructions no doubt, Franku notably was able to wound an enemy ashigaru though a small defensive window, thus acquiring as a prize, a naginata.

Swiftly as the owl, the Kitsuki Kanko located the key to the locked gate, along with papers and items of interest from the fallen samurai. The Tamori Yuriko used the key to allow us and the Rock Goblins to proceed north in the night.

GM: Note-The checkpoint was seriously undermanned, as it could support a much larger garrison, as much as twenty men. Where did they go?

A forced march was made through hidden Rock Goblin ways beneath the mountains, a place of dark rivers and tunnels, obviously modified by the goblins. Guided by the secret signs of the Rock Goblins and their blind mules, the group emerged at dawn in the bottom of a sinkhole. Above the sinkhole is a white land. Here we rested and healed for the daylight hours.

At nightfall they re-entered the underground ways. The planned path of the goblins is blocked by a flooded pool and we re-directed out a small opening high up the outside of a mountain. Here, there is a sheep tethered. To whom does it belong and why is it here? From here the PCs see a plain with a scattering a sparkling narrow lakes to the north. To the south they see one of the Flaming Towers. In the near distance down the mountainside the goblins point and say in their limited true tongue “The Last Village”.

TWO experience points.



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