Kinshou (Yonaka)

A Ronin formerly known as Mirumoto Yonaka


(once known as Mirumoto Yonaka, Taisa of the Stone Dogs)
Legend of the Five Rings, 4th Edition
(Old 3rd Edition Version)

Zoe Keating – Legions

Insight 187 – Insight Rank 3 – School Rank 3 – 11 xps as of 7-26-2013


Earth 3 Stamina 3 Willpower 3
Water 3 Strength 3 Perception 3
Fire 4 Agility 4 Intelligence 4
Air 3 Reflexes 3 Awareness 3
Void 3

Primary Weapons

Weapon Attack Damage Notes
Katana 11k4 7k3 emphasis to re-roll 1’s, damage dice explode on 9’s and 10’s, -2 to opponent’s Reduction w/ Kaiu Blade
Jiujitsu 5k4 3k1
Throwing 5k4 Spear/4k2, Wakizashi/5k2, Knife/4k1 emphasis = re-roll 1’s
Yumi 4k3 5k2 -1k0 for 50ft past 250 ft range


TN to Be Hit: 31 , 34 w/ kata (26/29 w/o armor)
TN = REFx5 (15) + (5) + Armor (5) + daisho (3) + school technique (3)
Armor TN Bonus: 5; Armor Reduction: 3

Initiative (REF + Insight Rank/REF): 6k3

Wounds (Earth x 2 per level, Earth x 5 for Healthy)

Wound Level Penalty Modified Penalty Total Notes
Healthy +0 +0 15
Nicked +3 +0 21
Grazed +5 +2 27
Hurt +10 +7 33
Injured +15 +12 39
Crippled +20 +17 45
Down +40 +37 51 Must spend Void to act
Out 57 Cannot act

Rate of Wound Heal (STA x 2 + Insight Rank): 9

Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphases/Mastery Abilities School Skill?
Kenjutsu AG 7 11k4 Katana/ Wakizashi/ +1k0 damage, ready weapon as free action, damage dice explode on 9’s and 10’s X
Defense REF 3 6k3 Keep previous DEF/REF roll if using full defense X
Iajutsu REF 2 5k3 Focus, +6 from Kenjutsu X
Battle PER 2 5k3 Mass Combat X
Lore (Shugenja) INT 1 5k4 X
Meditation VOID 1 4k3 X
Theology INT 1 5k4 X
Artisan: Origami AW 1 4k3
Calligraphy INT 1 5k4
Ettiquite AW 1 4k3 Courtesy
Investigation PER 1 4k3
Tea Ceremony VOID 1 4k3
Athletics AG/STR 1 5k4/4k3 Throwing
Horsemanship AG 1 5k4
Jiujutsu AG 1 5k4
Kyujutsu REF 1 4k3
Stealth AG 1 5k4
Glory 4.7 Honor 6.7 Status 0 Infamy 0.1 Shadowlands Taint 0


Strength of the Dragon add +3 to TN w/ daisho

School Techniques (Mirumoto Bushi)

Rank 1 Way of the Dragon No penalties for daisho (adds Rank to TN) Add school rank to armor TN Raise of lower TN for spells by 5
Rank 2 Calm in the Midst of Thunder Add Kenjutsu to Iajutsu when in Center Stance
Rank 3 Strong and Swift Attack as a Simple Action, Samurai keyword weapons


Absolute Direction always knows North 1 pt
Strength of the Earth -3 Wound Level penalty 2 pts
Crab Hands One rank in unskilled Weapons 2 pts
Great Potential, Kenjitsu Use skill for raises instead of Void 5 pts

Yonaka day op“Why did you throw away your sword?”

Status sacrificed
To a duty lost in time
Freedom in humility

“Don’t dawdle.”

WaterMemories wash over you, they do not wash away.
FireFire is cleansing.
AirStrike in the moment between breaths.
EarthOne does not climb to attain enlightenment.
VoidFor this very day was I born.

White Feathers


Doing All The Things
Ready for Paper
Running Up That Hill


One big, one little. One for offense, one for defense. Both more powerful than any Crane when they work together.

They’re safe, for now. The fire is low, partially banked, and in the dim light as he cleans his blades Yonaka can see their forms. The Crab on his back with his dai tsuchi clutched to his chest tosses his head from side to side as he wrestles with some inner demon. The Scorpion cries out in despair for a moment and curls in on herself, the teapot likely somewhere amongst the folds of her robes.

“What is a samurai without a sword?” his grandmother had asked, and now it seems she asks it again as he holds the Tsuruchi’s wakizashi in his hands. Not his own. Not his grandmother’s. No, those blades lie broken in the dojo under the mountain.

Broken blades. How would his grandmother react if she knew? What will Yonaka say when she asks to see the daisho? Only the tsuba remain and each of them carries one for him now. Maybe, just maybe…

Maybe there IS something more important to a samurai than a sword. One big, one little. It would be worse than death now to lose them both.

Kinshou (Yonaka)

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