Takeda Endo

Bayushi Actor Sensei


Takeda Endo is a restless spirit who has on one more than one occasion possessed the Tamori shugenja (insert given name).


Takeda Endo was the acting Master of a scorpion entertainment troupe that became embroiled in a Dragon plot. He and most of his cohort were slain by a large gaijin pepper bomb concealed withing a palanquin at rest #23 stop on the Shuho Imperial West Road.

The Tamori Shugenja summoned him using his acting mask as a prop and the Void spirits as intercessors (roll:81) which resulted in Takeda taking over the Tamori while the party was in North Wall City’s Northern Custom House. whereupon he promptly started abusing the Scorpion, who had survived the bomb. Why wasn’t she being dutiful?

Takeda Endo

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