Doko No Hana

Osano-Wo Monk



Name: Toro
Clan: Phoenix
School: Temple of Osano-Wo
Rank : 2
Exp. Pts. : 0 of 123
Insight: 177


Earth: 3
Stamina 3
Willpower 3

Air 3
Reflexes 3
Awareness 3

Water 3
Strength 3
Perception 3

Fire 3
Agility 3
Intelligence 3

Void 4

Skill Trait Rank Roll Emphasis

Battle Perception 1 4k3
Jiujutsu Agility 4 7k3 dmg 4k3 Martial Arts emphasis Fighting and Grappling
Lore: Theology 1 Intelligence 4k3 Fortunes
Meditation 3 void 7k4 Meditaion restores 2 Void pts
Athletics 2 Strength 5k3 or 7k4 with a void pt
Hunting 2 Perception 4k3
Defense 2 Reflexes 4k3

Initiative 6k3
Armor TN 20

Wounds healthy 15
Healing 8

Known Advantages:
Bland (Physical)
Hands of Stone (Physical)

Known Disadvantages:
Ascetic (Mental)
Argumentive/Confrontational(?) (Mental) – Will roll to stop, TN set by GM


Rank 1
Wave in All Things Water 4 (Mystic) – 10 x Water ranged unarmed attack

Chi protection Water 4 Martial (Atemi) – regain 2 x Water immediately and the same for Insight rnds, must use a void point after successfully striking.

Ride the Water Dragon Water 3 (Kharmic) – regain Water ring wounds for Insight rank rounds at the reaction stage

Touch the Void Dragon Void 4 (Internal) – add 1 to a ring based on environment

Rank 2
To the Last Breath Void 3 (Kharmic) – one designated person per rnd within 20’ gains 1 your void to be used next rnd. may not be used more then 2x’s per day per person

Destiny Strike Fire 4 (Martial) – Whenever you are struck by a melee attack you may immediately counterstrike with an unarmed attack. If you have not acted, this is your turn, else it is a free action. Attack ignores any wound penalties. Ability lasts for the duration of any skirmish.

Soul of the 4 Winds Air 4 (Internal) – add Insight + Air to TN

Rank 3
Flee the Darkness Air 6 (Kharmic) – immune to Taint or Lying Darkness for Air rounds ignore all penalty or benefits from Taint already acquired.

Dance of the Flames Fire 6 (Martial) – unarmed attacks are Simple, you must attck an opponent every round or it ends.


Born to a mother who is now a successful dyer of cloth in the Phoenix lands. Unable to agrre with the prevelant hypocritical pacifism of those lands, I went with everyones blessing to study at the temple of Ansono-Wo.

Doko No Hana

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