Kaiu Katana

Kaiu blade with Hida mon

weapon (melee)

Base DR: 3k3

Hida sword


This katana was dropped in the mountains on a battlefield above Shuho, where the Mitanaka won the day against Dragons under the Stone Dogs banner. Mirumoto Yonaka found it after the group dealt with the Mitanaka captain who was supervising the cleanup.

The blade is a shinogi-zukuri, slightly heavier than many, with an elongated diamond-shaped cross-section and a chiseled tip. It is extremely fine, as well as beautiful. The tempering pattern of the blade reminds one of mountain clouds. It is signed by its maker, Master Kaiu Tasuku, who added the following haiku:

If this blade ever fails
I will break my hammer through
Poetry, not steel

A Hida mon is on the saya (scabbard).

Much later, when Hida Nakamuro took apart the katana for cleaning, he found an intricately folded note concealed within the tsuka (grip). He commissioned a blind masseuse to open it for him, as he did not wish to tear it, nor risk others reading it. Inside was the name “Kei”, and another haiku.

Rising Sun Castle
Safely guards the light growing
Mountain to mountain

Kaiu Katana

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