Message to Mirumoto Zukuri

Message to Mirumoto Zukuri, a gunso at Mirumoto Pass checkpoint who was known to Yonaka when he was a boy.


(Carried via the spell LEGACY OF KAZE-NO-KAMI, which sends a whispered message carried by what appears as the form of a small bird.)

Heed the words of one you knew as Kinshou, grandson of Mirumoto Naoki and Kakita Kito.
Heed the living words of Mirumoto Yonaka.

For at least 3 years the Mitinaka seem to have forsaken the celestial order for gaijin pepper and the Badger for gaijin silver, but they are ill advised for the people suffer while the White Tigers rebel against the Chamberlain to save the honor of their Diamyo.

And now the allies of the gaijin move in strength of numbers towards the Low Plains via Mirumoto Pass.

Beware the gaijin, they can look and speak like Rokugani advisors and counselors, but they
move without honor. Northern walls and mountains do not hinder them and they can travel stone to stone and shadow to shadow.

May Lady Moon’s tears bless the Emperor.

Message to Mirumoto Zukuri

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