Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu

Teapot of Lady Moon


In Rokugani culture there are two distinct forms of the tea ceremony – one being longer lasting and more formal than the other. The shorter and less formal gathering is known as ‘chakai’, or ‘chaji’ and refers to a simple act of hospitality and includes the presentation of sweets, weak green tea and, usually, a light meal. The ‘Chaji’ is a more formal exercise and can consist of a full-course meal, followed by light dessert, a strong green tea, along with the weaker green tea which is also taken at a Chakai tea occasion. A chaji could last for over four hours.

The Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu appears to be a soap bubble thin white glazed teapot with the brilliantly colored forms of each of the five elemental dragons coiling and twining about it. The dragons seem almost alive, and seem to move and coil.

When used by an unskilled person, the Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu (Side handle teapot of the Moon) conveys an automatic high skill (Tea Ceremony) and to a skilled user causes 8s, 9s and 10s to become exploders. In RP terms, grace, calm, poetry and harmony infuse the participants of a tea ceremony using Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu.

Mechanics wise; Everyone present gains one Void point and any PC high skills are enhanced for one hour.


The Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu was originally contained within Shiro Hitomi, the High House of Light.

Yokode Kyūsu noh Getsu

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