L5R : Jade Winds

The Judgment of Togashi Hoshi
You want broody? I'll give you broody.

It is quiet as the Ise Zumi and the Dragon Mountaineers swarm into the square. They surround the Mirumoto, the Shosuro, Hikozaemon, and himself as they stand near the dead gaijin. He has just finished cutting the head off of the tiger sorcerer. Is it the same one he met in the Temple of Air, he wonders? This one seems different — if it were the same he would be surprised he could kill it that easily. But it is difficult to be sure.

The crowd surrounding them is in an ugly mood, their mouths shouting silent curses and their hands on their weapons. He looks to the Mirumoto, who is holding out his scabbard, his sword sheathed, to show his peaceful intentions.

The Unimportance of Matters
A morning's walk spoiled

Newly liberated of body is the party, we walk to the liberated North Wall city. An ashigarui conveys an invitation from the lord Dragon Tagoshi for us to meet him. We approach the walls with the two children safely among us. I note the walls look like a porcupine, covered as they are in arrows. It is the aftermath of battle, fires burn in the city, the attacker’s dead samurai bodies are wrapped in tatami mats laid in rows like cobblestone on the road to hell. The fire to be provided by the bodies of the fallen defenders in the pits here beyond the wall. So as to not go with renown the washed heads of the defenders are stacked in small pyramids waiting to be tagged with their names, fates and the names of those seeking glory with a claim.

The dojon of the castle on the rise is askew from the passing of the summoned earthquake and through the gate are a number of collapsed structures. We pass a field where the defeated Mitanaka redeem what honor they can in seppuku.

Matters of Importance

Tatooed man

It is days like today that make me overjoyed that I gave up the world for the humble robes of a monk. I see great sadness about me, but it passes over me as my enlightenment blossoms. My companions have freed me from a great prison of the body, yet each remains trapped in a prison of the soul. Though I, too, am yet bound to the world, my prison bars are looser, and my cell far more comfortable.

Had I still been a general, I would have been obliged to focus my attention on the details of the Togashi’s prowess. He is rarely seen, so accurate intelligence as to his capabilities, limits, and tactics would have inestimable value. My professional duty would have required rapt attention. What little remained I should have bestowed upon his erstwhile gaijin adversaries, lest their survivors someday return.

As it is, I can instead meditate upon things of far more import. Chief among these: the pains of the samurai who chanced to rescue me, that I may stand ready to assist them along the Eightfold Path, and so progress along it myself.

It Does Not Matter
The Porter Unbound

Dragon monTogashi Hoshi stood in a high place overlooking North Wall City. Behind him in a loose array stood the Tattooed Monks, their tattoos brilliant in the early morning sun. Nearby a lone Hitomi woman checked and rechecked her daisho, while two Mirumoto spoke together in low voices.

The son of the Dragon nodded once, and all around him rose his banners as the forces of the Dragon began their attack. In that moment, those with the the eye of the falcon could see clusters of banners rising in other locations on the perimeter, and one in the center of North Wall City itself. It was like dropping a pebble into a bowl of water. The ripples spread outward from the center to the walls, and as the Dragon army converged on the city the bowl was shaken, and the pattern became more complex.

With a single stroke, the outlying border forces and checkpoints had been eliminated by fanatical Hitomi, determined to cleanse their family’s name with their own blood, so there was little to stop the Dragons’ approach. But those in the city fought with desperation, knowing that a quick death would be the only mercy shown them, and the final outcome was still uncertain.

It does not matter. There is no turning back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Nari Dreams of Butterflies

Butterflies in flightAll is calm. Walls surround you. You are safe where you are.

All is well. There will be a festival soon. Even the dogs are quiet.

It had been a week since the visit from the Mitinaka Magistrate Kyoshi and his scribe and still there had been no further progress towards returning to Rokugan proper and making a report of both our successes and our failures to a Jade Magistrate. The Osana-Wo and myself being a Mirumoto Dragon in one cell, the Hida and our samurai-ko, we will call her a Companion, in another cell. Hikozaemon the porter tells us there are a couple of other Rokugani in the cells at the other ends, and as Yoriki we have been given linen hakama to clothe ourselves in and opportunities to talk together while taking exercise in the enclosed yard while archers watch over us from the balcony above. My brothers grow restless amidst apologies on behalf of my so-called honor, but I must be the example of patience.


The situation is dire — Mirumoto Yonaka has been carried off by a giant ape; Hida Nakamuro fell foul of a paralysis rune; Shosuro Naoki has been captured by giant spiders, as has The Monk Formerly Known as Toro (still under the effects of ingesting a Shadowlands mushroom) and Ernestu. All have been securely webbed by the aforementioned giant spiders and stowed on flying carpets, and flown to an unknown destination. CAN THEY ESCAPE? And now, this week’s exciting episode of


Sticky Situation
The Tangled Web We Weave

Recap – Dave waxes poetic. Edward points out that he is trendsetter for not posting on OP.
Dave hoses Brock. Dave leaps to John. Recap continues while Dave blames brain death.

Institute helps Dave with his Recap.

Diane proves she can once in a blue moon she can roll really well. Healing Brock, Spotting Ninja, something else. Strangely no one believes it to be true.

Recap devolves into a discussion about Valerie and slandering Diane about the totally awesome Waffles and possibly may never dig himself out of this one. It may be couch time (but there is always Skyrim). Then Dave sneezes so bad he had to leave the room.

And now onto the game already in progress…

Running, Falling, Dying

We attempt to recover our inner balance, put right ourselves. I sew up the damaged body of our honorable Tamori. Recovered we investigate the scene of our combat with the Oni/Maho Shugenja.

Here is found on the body of our foe is a child’s geta. Following the steps of the Oni we walk back to the tower in the center of this floating land, an immense crater to find where the creature had leapt down from a window. Tall is this tower as a spear of heaven. Here also we find the imprint of Gaijin shoes – a 5th? Before us a door gone soft in the water that was once here, examined by the keen eyed Scorpion who removes a simple trap of flaming oils, we enter the tower.


An extract from the log file of Tamori Yuriko, revenant, second class.

My cousin wastes time exchanging information on our old foe, the Rakshasha, with a gaijin named Tirian. Come to obvious conclusion that the rules of magic are different in Rokugan. Mortals!

He invites them into the control room, and politely asks my permission. Grant it, of course. There, can kill them much more easily if they interfere.

Toro expends yet more time changing his name to Koro Visuta. Mortals are ephemeral, and yet they are so profligate of their duration. Life is wasted on the living.

Burning Bushes to Banish

The Phoenix the group seeks and the Troll-like creature that took children from the forests of the northern mountains of that same land, are now literally the same. Some twist of blood magic has fused the former Shugenja, now Mahoist, with an Oni in the form of a burning tree. We lay plans to fight it on the stairs up to this fortress as we can see it from a great distance, swiftly approaching. Oh, the Fortunes laugh at us.

The Gaijin are in the lake bottom and 5 Yobanjin hawk riders circle overhead. We spend the first minute watching the Gaijin engage the Oni. One of them disappears from sight. The Gaijin engage the monster, one appears to be a rock goblin and another a tall human. The invisible one appears behind the Oni, stabbing it, before being swatted down. The rock goblin lays in a telling blow with an axe between the demon’s legs. The Oni throws burning chunks of itself and lays about with enormously long branch-like arms.


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