L5R : Jade Winds

The White Tigers Revolt (Part 2)
  • Mirumoto, Tamori leave tunnels and they and Hida go to aqueduct
  • head for North Lake Village
  • headman tries to delay them
The White Tigers Revolt (Part 1)

Japanese wooodblock print 4

  • Crab is waiting at porters’ lodge
  • White Tigers make their move
  • Fires are set, Kitsuki fights them
  • Crab conscripts two porters
North Wall City (Part 4)
  • Shosuro decides to leave city and return as a different person (Mantis)
  • Has vision of exploding caravan on the road
  • Hida insists on accompanying him to the gate
  • Hida waits for him to return at porter’s lodge, tells stories with the porters
The Crab and the Scorpion (Part 2)
  • The Hida escorts the Shosuro to a merchant in Longstaff Enclave to ask about jade carving he received
  • Merchant tries to kill him, Shosuro kills the merchant instead
  • Hida guards door while Shosuro explores merchant’s underground room
North Wall City (Part 3)
  • Tamori figures out gaijin magic, and admits they may have a small place in the celestial order
  • negotiations with Drallosu craftsmen to join a caravan to the Hidden City
  • non-descript man distracts landlord while cohorts search the room
  • Kitsuki says there were more than one, and they used a grappling hook to get in
North Wall City (Part 2)
  • Discussing what to do in NW City
  • Deciding to move further north and farther in by taking a caravan
North Wall City (Part 1)
  • enter town during mid-day prayer
  • there are gaijin wandering the streets!
  • get rooms
  • meet Mantis merchant
The Climb of the Moon (Part 3)
  • Questions in the temple of the moon
  • The Hida does not ask a question, as he is suspicious of oracles in general. He is given a rice ball.
  • End up being deposited on the road just south of North Wall City
The Climb of the Moon (Part 2)

Spider wound
Exit wound from taint being expelled by the Temple’s powers. Ewww.

Before he enters the temple of the Three Sisters, the Kitsuki is first cleansed of his taint (heretofore unknown) in the guise of a small blackened spider being forced from his body through a fiery buboe. Owie. Wait, did you say TAINT?

Some riddles, real interactive, full immersion weird dream style ones happen.

Shosuro 1st – The Shosuro is much older, and is dressed all in white robes. Walks towards the center of a platform where a crowd has gathered. There, the tatami mat. There, an old wakizashi, yours. There, the paper wrapped around the blade. You kneel. In the corner of your eye you see your Second, someone you trust completely. You reach for the blade and take it up, hold it in the proper position, and start to plunge it into your own belly. There is little pain as your Second performs his duty. (Water.)
Kitsuki 2nd – The Emperor’s Court, there are several Scorpion courtiers. One of them is not who they say they are. They do not speak, yet somehow you must figure out which one it is. (Earth.)
Tamori 3rd – (Fire.)
Hida 4th – A robed figure with their face hidden, yet somehow familiar, stands next to the Hida as they look upon a field of graves. An open grave is nearby, the figure points to the grave and asks, “What is in the hole?” to which the Crab easily responds, “Nothing.” (Void.)
Mirumoto Last – He is a butterfly, flitting above a tapestry. The tapestry is the land of Rokugan, and the closer he flies to the silk the more detail he can see, in perfect detail. It would be hard to believe there is anything more accurate. (Air.)

The Climb of the Moon (Part 1)
  • Kitsuki mentions his vision of the temple in the air
  • Shosuro finishes passes to get them out of town
  • On the way out, Shosuro is beckoned to by a Crane lady in a palanquin
  • Hida meets Usagi bushi and tells them of the survival of the Usagi heir
  • Yonaka has a friendly bokken duel with a Ronin
  • Party heads out of town, and finds a hidden clearing
  • Perform tea ceremony under full moon
  • Afterwards there is a thunderclap, and an air djinn, crying “Unbelievers!”, throws a lightning bolt at Yonaka, striking him in the chest
  • The Void Dragon appears, saying “NO”, and rips djinn to shreds
  • In its coils it creates a path to the Temple of the Moon

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