L5R : Jade Winds

A Journey to Shuho (Part 5)
  • Kitsuki stays on the mountain all night, afraid to light a fire
  • During the night there is a magical burst of energy and he sees the castle on the lake become “finished” — the walls turn from reeds to stone
  • In the morning mist he sees the shadowy outlines of a path to a temple in the air
  • Tamori leaves town with forged papers to find Kitsuki, an Ashigaru insists on being her escort, even though she wears a daisho
  • Although she gets lost, she eventually finds the Kitsuki, places a sleep spell on the Ashigaru and when the escort wakes up the Kitsuki joins them
  • Meanwhile, in town, the Mirumoto, the Shosuro, and the Hida visit Kio Kato of the Yasuki family. The Hida requisitions five fingers of jade, and asks the Yasuki to take a look at the Kaiu blade the Mirumoto found on the battlefield.
  • The Tamori and the Yasuki return to Shuho together, WITH the Shosuro’s cart, the Kitsuki talking all the way so that the poor Ashigaru cannot get in a word edgewise
  • On the way back to town they come upon miners carrying a large chunk of jade
  • Miners tell them about jade mining on the mountain, and give the Tamori a piece of the jade
A Journey to Shuho (Part 4)
  • Kitsuki stays with the cart and freezes his butt off
  • Dragons come to town, question Yasuki family, get directed to New Moon Inn
  • meet up with Crab and distraught Scorpion
  • Geishas entertain
  • Kitsuki continues to freeze his butt off
A Journey to Shuho (Part 3)
  • Not entirely sure, but involves the Dragons being up on the mountains above Shuho and the Crab and the Scorpion being in the New Moon Inn. Hopefully it will get figured out later.
The Crab and the Scorpion (Part 1)

Crab and Scorpion (Lone Ranger and Tonto) go to town, which means in classical plot structure the Crab should get the shit kicked out of him at some point (makes note)

(Samurai/ronin and yojimbo in disguise) — ok wtf is a ronin doing with a yojimbo? This was interesting enough that ONE of the brain dead group of newly recruited yoriki/gamblers at the torii of Shuho decided to follow them to a geisha house Beautiful Method (third class) on the Street of the Blue Lanterns.

A Journey to Shuho (Part 2)

Everyone hauls ass up into the hills, there to find a nice vantage point and watch the town of Shuho as the sun sets. Lights start coming on and planning happens, which means much time passes realtime. Plan stops, people set off to Do Stuff!

The Scorpion cleverly gets all the money the Crab has by using the simple ruse of asking for it, never mentioning the 30 gold koku he found in the Town Magistrates house lintel. WTH did the TM get 30 goddamned gold koku?

A hare fails to bolt into a small burrow, investigation reveals a Dragon banner of an entirely different banner than the wrecked Golden Eye army that lay in heaps in the vale below. It was hastily rolled up and hidden there. Hmmm.

The Crab and the Scorpion head to town.

Meanwhile the company of Dragon, Dragon and Dragon Gmbh. start skulking back around the town in a northish arc. They see at least two different patrols comprised of Blue Sky ashigaru in the dark, they aren’t noticed. DD&D come upon the perimeter of a cloth walled compound with Mitanaka Banners and Badger Clan banners. They DON’T go in head a little further north to a lake. Lake?

There are barges there bringing in bales, boxes barrels and bushi. A beach head. It is still dark in their time track but dawn, detection and detention are not far off.

A Journey to Shuho (Part 1)
  • Going around the mountain, the opposite way from the way the bandits left Mito
  • Come across a bunch of %^$$(!!!! traitorous Dragons (Mitanaga) who slicked a bunch of Hitomi
  • Fight with #&$*%&%( Mitanaga captain (?)
  • “I could have taken him.” (Crab to Mirumoto)
  • Mirumoto finds Kaiu blade with Hida mon
  • family cleaning up bodies, Scorpion “borrows” child
The Northern Road (Part 3)

The blacksmith
Photographed by Okinawa Soba

Mito is roughly L shaped with the longer axis running east west. You entered from the tip of the short axis. It is situated on the shoulder of a steep mountain.

One Inn, located at the turn (try the cave shrimp!).

Shuttered houses here and there. The place reeks of sulphurous gases and there are
steamy plumes rising into the air, here and there. The stream which runs down the middle of the village street is warm.

There are a few detached single family type bath houses here and there.

The Northern Road (Part 2)
Chizaro Noh Oni, Ironhead

On their way, some peasant women are found near a trailhead, awaiting the return of their woodcutter husbands, who are working for the gaijin “somewhere to the west”. Walking on many miles, the group crosses a narrow bridge and encounters an old man who warns them of the stone forest ahead. Indeed, the karst formations (an array of dense stone pillars scattered amongst mountain laurel, box elder and birch trees) are very odd and eerie. The birds here lie erratically and low to the ground, fearing the sky, almost. Eventually the samurai come across a woman resting near their path, adorned with robes and leaves. They are deep inside the stone forest, on unknown ground. She is an Oni.

The Northern Road (Part 1)
Tea, Decisions, Night

The PCs, rested and leveled, leave Kagemusha for the Fortune of Luck Temple disguised as eta. Seriously.

The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 3)

The PCs huddle in a hidden Dragon fortress (Kagemusha), discovering allies. Not really, they spend all their time apart, mostly.


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