L5R : Jade Winds

The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 2)
Flashback and Death
  • Flashback to Three rings Village; where Hida Nakamuro was orphaned by Shadowspawn, he was hidden inside a rice barrel and buried with other children as Shadowspawn overwhelemed the village where his mother had left him. Other players took the parts of villagers, rescuers and doomed defenders.
The Ashes of the Hitomi (Part 1)
In the bamboo grove

• Pockets of dead or dying samurai in the bamboo grove
• Agasha Riku, shugenja is a healer here
• Yagi, a one armed ronin is helping here
• Mitanaka (minor clan) are fighting the Hitomi alongside gaijin (Muguru)
• PCs encounter an actor entertaining the distraught peasants
• A creature is brought forth from the womb of a woman
• The creature flees from the Mirumoto’s crystal, into the night sky
• Yagi talks about the Tears of the Moon
• after giving birth, a horrified Agasha Muri crumbles into dust and blows away
• Yonaka then slays Agasha Riku before she can react
• Some peasants speak of the Muguru giving them food for labor
• PCs travel onward, evading a few Muguru patrols

The Temple of Air (Part 2)
A quiet death amongst many

Eye of the Dragon
Faces across chasm to
Eye of the Tiger

The sun has set, chimes indicate the hour as monks busy themselves taking supplies down the mountain to the refuge area. Some do not return. Hitomi Castle still stands. In the distance water becomes air as clouds frame the sky, bringing wind. It will rain, and the air is fizzing with static. It smells of beasts.

The Temple of Air (Part 1)

As the party travels upriver next to what appears to be a small stream that is slowly growing in stature, the rocky trail becomes steeper and slicker as it ascends the eastward slope. The steeper sections have fitted stone steps, and occasionally wild flowers peek from small beds.

The river becomes a cut. The wind picks up from the east, cold and fresh. It smells of smoke, and bowels.

Here on the slope’s trail you find a few shreds of bright green kimono and a crumpled fan. There is also some curdled blood and a tuft of startling orange hair. An ancestor stone is here, freshly broken but carefully stacked together again.

Unicorn Interlude (Part 3)

The group held their ground, a bridge, against walking fire bombs and Moghul outriders until a patrol of some 30 fine, strong limbed Utaku shrieking battle curses, relieved them. It was frustrating to be arrow targets, but timely flooding slowed the arrival of the Moghul infantry. After some wound healing, Meilikki was dispatched to “Tell the Khan”. Bottling her emotions, she bowed to the group and sped off, an Utaku Battle Maiden once more. The group asked Shen, of the Red Ginseng Grove Village militia to take them to Hitomi Castle. He backtracked across the bridge and started east.

Unicorn Interlude (Part 2)
The Prophecy Rider

• Mei is recognized and shamed
• Utaku Zuruzu arrives
• A fast trip back to Dragon lands
• Crossing a dangerous river
• Grateful Dragon villagers
• The Flaming Heads attack on the bridge

Unicorn Interlude (Part 1)
Wrestling and riding with maidens

Before leaving LL Castle, Kitsuki Kagi reveals that he suspects that larger plans are afoot involving the murder of the two samurai there. He charges them to discover why the murder happened, and writes them temporary Emerald Yuriki warrants, and forces his other yuriki, Mei to go with them, they say a brief goodbye.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 6)
An Honorable Errand

Upon leaving Last Light castle, on the trail northwards, the PCs find the false Mirumoto Nari, hung by the neck from a tree. The body is clothed in a two piece close fitting black garment with a hood. He has nothing in his pockets, and was recently killed.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 5)
Skirmishes and skirmishers

Time to see what is going on, maybe the false Mirumoto is with Hakenka (who has actually been grief stricken over his father’s demise) welp, it turns out that after running down and up some goat trails and wide places on a mountainside or two that Hakenka is hunting Unicorns. More to the point he has laid an ambush for a raiding party of horse warriors who have hit the same area (Plum Rain Gorge) the two previous days right at the stroke of noon. This is essentially a gap that opens into a large hollow that has good grazing ground and a village or three. The western end of the gap opens onto some “disputed areas” between the Dragon and the Unicorn.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 4)
A plot is thwarted

A poisoning is averted when the paranoid Crab makes a maid drink the morning tea (maybe the spooky nightmares have everyone being a little jumpy); she looks at him and clmly drinks a small cup and then dies horribly (in acute convulsions), horrifying the poor Crab. The kitchen staff and kitchen is then searched to no avail, Hatamoto Nari is discovered to have left the Castle “on an errand” when the PCs try to find him. Hitmoi Hakenka left early in the morning to go hunting.

While the PCs are wandering about they see clan signallers aloft in the tower keep, signalling to a far away portable tower northwards. Some urgent stuff is being communicated, and Mirumoto san is frustrated because he cannot read the flags. WTH is going on?


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