L5R : Jade Winds

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 6)
An Honorable Errand

Upon leaving Last Light castle, on the trail northwards, the PCs find the false Mirumoto Nari, hung by the neck from a tree. The body is clothed in a two piece close fitting black garment with a hood. He has nothing in his pockets, and was recently killed.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 5)
Skirmishes and skirmishers

Time to see what is going on, maybe the false Mirumoto is with Hakenka (who has actually been grief stricken over his father’s demise) welp, it turns out that after running down and up some goat trails and wide places on a mountainside or two that Hakenka is hunting Unicorns. More to the point he has laid an ambush for a raiding party of horse warriors who have hit the same area (Plum Rain Gorge) the two previous days right at the stroke of noon. This is essentially a gap that opens into a large hollow that has good grazing ground and a village or three. The western end of the gap opens onto some “disputed areas” between the Dragon and the Unicorn.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 4)
A plot is thwarted

A poisoning is averted when the paranoid Crab makes a maid drink the morning tea (maybe the spooky nightmares have everyone being a little jumpy); she looks at him and clmly drinks a small cup and then dies horribly (in acute convulsions), horrifying the poor Crab. The kitchen staff and kitchen is then searched to no avail, Hatamoto Nari is discovered to have left the Castle “on an errand” when the PCs try to find him. Hitmoi Hakenka left early in the morning to go hunting.

While the PCs are wandering about they see clan signallers aloft in the tower keep, signalling to a far away portable tower northwards. Some urgent stuff is being communicated, and Mirumoto san is frustrated because he cannot read the flags. WTH is going on?

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 3)
Another Death

A roundtable of clues and murder suspects ensues, and somewhere the Tamori decides to locate Mirumoto Nari because the other Mirumoto (Yonaka) smells a rat. Well, guess what? The real Mirumoto Nari is discovered to be dead by the Shugenja’s friendly spiritual water stoolie. Huh.

The PCs send the monk out with an urgent message for Hakenka, who is out “hunting”. Meanwhile, Mei takes the Hitomi 1/2 blood heir, younger half-brother Sokoi, to a hermitage for safekeeping from the vagaries of politics and poison.

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 2)

Under the guidance of Kitsuke Kaagi, who is having a relapse of some sort, the PCs search the castle chambers that they can, even the room of the Lord’s courtesan. The poison that killed poor Hitomi Maouri and his mistress Amai as well is traced to obuno oil (in the makeup kit of Amai). Also a blowpipe is found in the room where the Lord was found dead a ways back (his idiot shugenja had prevented his corpse from rotting by casting a food preservation spell).

The PCs spend some time talking with Hitomi Hakenka & Mirumoto Nari, and the frustrated shugenja reverts to some magical powers and finds the Spirits talking of the crystal man who was here recently.

Mirumoto Yonaka wanders down into the basement and finds the quarters of a retired General who invites him to tea. They have a genial chat about bushido and philosophy and the General (ret) gifts a piece of rare crystal to the Mirumoto, who wakes up in bed with it in his hand (the crystal not the bed). Later investigation reveals an absence of that room and a small shrine located there instead…

Last Light Castle Mystery (Part 1)

Kitsuki Kaagi, Emerald Magistrate, met the PCs onr the path there as he toiled up the steep trails making heavy going, Hida Nakamuro personally carried him most of the way, ah youth.

The PCs then became embroiled in a plot which had already recently claimed the life of the Lord there. Kaagi is on the scene to investigate the recent and sudden death of Hitomi Maouri. The fact that the PCs only recently were in the company of a Unicorn Magistrate is mark in their favor, as the Unicorn Magistrates, well the one’s still alive, are of a scrupulous reputation. Once at the castle (where his EM sigil opens some doors) his eta (the quiet Mei) handles the lord’s body in their search for clues. Kaagi is glad to have the PCs along to carry him around and generally get him tea.

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 5)
Run like Hell

General Bayushi Tomaru has one thousand infantry, five hundred archers, six hundred siege engineers and two hundred elite cavalry. Oda has two hundred infantry, five hundred archers and one hundred fifty mounted archers. If things get desperate, perhaps a hundred heimin can be armed.

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 4)
In which our PCs find their man

The goblin kitchen. This is filled with the stench (see above) of goblin haute cuisine. Goblins are fighting here throwing wo ks, cutting boards, cleavers, running around under tables, and bursting from pantrys. In front of one pantry is the half-eaten corpse of a Kaiu clan samurai-ko.

What was once the library has been turned into a goblin nursery, full of vile little scroll-eating goblin brats. There are even goblin stables, containing three filthy goblin mounts. A smithy. There are broken weapons here, along with various piles of armors in scattered disarray. Goblins are fighting Nezumi all over, attempting to tip racks of spears over on them, and using rusted hammers as weapons.

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 3)
Disappearing Rabbits

The party sneaks for three days through the scenic Shadowlands (ooh! carnivorous spine throwing bushes!) until a brief melee alerts them to the presence of goblins, which leads them to the stronghouse formerly owned by the Hiruma. They attack it as the sun rises, fighting one Ogre, many goblins (males, females and sprats) and into the keep proper. Their attack coincided with that of a nearby Nezumi Clan so things go rather well for a bit. The press carries them into the keep and into the dread presence of Exalted Ugu. Oh and a second Ogre shows up outside, and more goblins. Attrition has been taking a toll of the Ratlings and the PCs are tired and wounded (boo) but they did retrieve the sword from the clutches of Bad Skin Condition Ogre (yay!).

The Destruction of the Usagi Clan (Part 2)

While the PCs wrap themselves around the hospitality of the Usagi Clan, Ozaki sneaks off to Shadowlands, filled with heroic zeal to find the Usagi heirloom sword. Using his advantages of birth, he secures a fast boat and crew and departs downriver. He is headed for the Wall, and will not be deterred! Uh oh.


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